Morning Routines are a Snap With a Stylish Vanity

08/26/2012 02:10 EDT | Updated 10/24/2012 05:12 EDT
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At first blush, a vanity table may seem like an outmoded, though elegant, means of dressing something your grandma used. If you're tired of leaning over the bathroom sink for a view of your face; retrieving your makeup brush from the wet bowl and leaving the house with a toothpaste-stripe across your abdomen, it may be time to reconsider the ease of a dressing table.

Here are three stylish solutions to make your morning-makeup application anything but routine.

1) Formal Evening Wear

How civilized to find a seat in front of a large gracious mirror, with everything you need for beauty close at hand. In combination with the Mica Shell wallpaper, the handsome walnut wood bench -- upholstered in a woven brown raffia -- has just enough shimmer to make the setting sizzle. The brown glass vase holds spring tulips and a woven tray corrals grooming essentials.


2) Turkish Delight

Global influences abound with this ornate, mother-of-pearl, Turkish-style mirror and leather-clad. British-colonial-style chair. The bronze, Hindu hand keeps long necklaces tangle free and adds a sculptural element to the practical setting.

Design Savvy: Found objects, such as the Hindu-hand sculpture, are an ideal display for jewellery.


3) Casual Dress Code

A comfy poof or ottoman, provided it's the right height, makes an efficient perch for makeup application and the small magnifying mirror is a great assistant. The silver tray complements the chrome studding on the seat.


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