Hannah Alper

5 Inspiring Quotes from 5 Inspiring Women

Hannah Alper | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
This week, I'm celebrating Women's Equality Day and continuing the conversation when we not only talk about the issue of women's equality but how we can reach equality for all. This is also a time when we highlight some amazing women who shine a light on this issue and believe that we can get there.
Andy Juniper

I Think Blue Jays Fever Is Killing Me

Andy Juniper | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
For the first time since touch-'em-all Joe Carter hit his historic three-run, walk-off homer to lift the locals to their second-straight world championship nearly a quarter-century ago, your Toronto Blue Jays may just (gasp) find themselves in the World Series. Your Blue Jays have been reborn. And their rebirth is killing me.
Laurie Essig

Sexual Prudery Shouldn't Pass as Activism

Laurie Essig | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
Ashley Madison had the honesty to say it is for married people to have affairs as opposed to encourage married and partnered people to pretend they're single. And for that their customers have had their personal information, including apparently credit card information, released?
Darryl Konynenbelt

Hey Media, #BathrobeGuy Deserves Privacy

Darryl Konynenbelt | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
The reality is that everyone now has a camera and the potential to produce knee-jerk content. If journalists are to be bound by the ethics that govern their news gathering techniques, it is equally paramount the public inform themselves of the new realities of subterfuge that may greet them at every turn even in private.
Brant Secunda and Mark Allen

4 Ways You Can Translate Self-Love Into Motivation

Brant Secunda and Mark Allen | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
Working on a fit soul is just as important as working on a fit body. You'll sense the improvements in both. The body becomes leaner, the soul calmer. The lungs gain power, the mind gains resilience. You run farther without fatigue, and tackle life's hassles without anxiousness.
Ian Carey

You Can Be Vegetarian and Keep Your Man Card, Too

Ian Carey | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
Being a vegetarian is actually pretty easy. The food is better, healthier and provides motivation to look closer at the impacts of diet and health. What isn't easy is being a vegetarian while also enjoying a lot of "dude stuff."

Photography Prints Make Your Walls Come Alive

Freaktography | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
Once the furniture sets are settled and the walls are painted, it's time for someone to decorate the bare walls with eye catching and interesting photography prints. When thinking about decorating your walls, the first thing that comes to mind is a painting, a family portrait and wallpaper.
Jennifer Carlson

9 Tips to Ease the Stress of Back to School Lunches

Jennifer Carlson | August 27, 2015 | Canada Parents
Ask any parent and they will say making lunches is one of the most dreaded parts of the day. Being creative and offering healthy options their kids will actually eat is a challenge we all face during the school year. I've learned to avoid the dread by keeping my fridge and pantry well stocked and following these easy tips for creating healthy lunches kids will actually eat.
Eva Pomeroy

Work-Family Balance Isn't Just an Issue, It's a Movement

Eva Pomeroy | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
In our effort to gain rights for individuals, one significant collective was left out of the equation: family. But change is afoot. Something new and exciting is happening in feminism and it's about children and their care. In academia, the need to address childcare has been called "the unfinished business of feminism" and "the unfinished revolution."
Marcia Sirota

Is the Workplace Culture at Amazon Progressive or Destructive?

Marcia Sirota | August 27, 2015 | Canada Business
Work-life balance is non-existent at Amazon; an 80-plus hour work week is the norm. I imagine that the relentless pace, combined with the stress caused by this ruthless atmosphere, must be wreaking havoc on the mental and physical well-being of these employees.
Sacha DeVoretz

Tips For a Healthy Back-to-School Smoothie

Sacha DeVoretz | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
Whether you are going back to school, back to work, or organizing the family in September, it is easy to get off track with your eating habits. Here are some top tips for a super healthy back-to-school smoothie that you can make quickly and easily.
Street Haven

I Feel Trapped in a Never Ending Cycle of Poverty

Street Haven | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
A lot of people ask me why I'm still on ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). People think maybe I'm lazy or just don't want to work. I want to work. I want to work so badly and live with that freedom and independence I had before, but I can't. No one wants to hire someone with a grade six education who can't understand all the things they should.
Roger Covin, Ph.D

Advice for High Achievers as School Starts

Roger Covin, Ph.D | August 27, 2015 | Canada Living
When it comes to academic achievement, many high achievers run into an annoying paradox -- they are highly motivated to succeed, but the resulting anxiety and pressure actually decreases their motivation and concentration, and ultimately causes problems with achievement.
Elan Divon

Busting the 'Genius' Myth

Elan Divon | August 26, 2015 | Canada Living
Take a moment to think about a famous scientist. Imagine this person in your mind's eye. What does he or she look like? Chances are, you pictured Albert Einstein with his wild silver hair and starry gaze. Failing that, you probably visualized an elderly gentleman wearing a lab coat.
Professional Organizers in Canada

Don't Get Burned: How to Organize an Emergency Wildfire Kit

Professional Organizers in Canada | August 26, 2015 | Canada British Columbia
Every summer heavily forested areas leave animals and humans alike susceptible to wildfires. By July of this year, British Columbia saw over 189 active fires burning -- a number that Professional Organizers in Canada says is too high to not be prepared.
Sarah Vermunt

This Is What Fear Makes You Do

Sarah Vermunt | August 26, 2015 | Canada Living
Just think of all the things you've done because of fear. Stayed in a shitty relationship. Failed to speak up. Studied the wrong thing. Did what you were told. Kept the soul-crushing job. Stayed small. Held back. Watched from the sidelines.
Lauren Dobson-Hughes

Planned Parenthood in Canada Is Under Attack Too

Lauren Dobson-Hughes | August 26, 2015 | Canada Living
You've heard of the recent attacks on women's healthcare in the States, but in Canada, we're feeling the impact too. For 50 years, Planned Parenthood Ottawa has been there for our community, providing unbiased counselling, education, advice and support. But it's become increasingly hard to do our work. Planned Parenthood is under attack, by people who oppose healthcare for women and the trans community, who don't want youth to get the education they need, and who dedicate themselves to cutting our funding every way they can.
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

How to Support Your Teen's Mental Health While at University

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre | August 26, 2015 | Canada Living
For parents with children away at university, it can be a giant leap of faith to step back and let their young adult children be independent, and know that they will be okay. Most young adults transition to university without difficulty and take charge of this new independent phase of their lives with motivation to do well and the skills to navigate their academic and social lives. But for some young adults, the stress of being on their own to manage the academic and social demands of university life may be a breaking point that heralds or worsens mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression.
Julie Blais Comeau

Sticky Situation: Six Labour Day Party Dos and Don'ts

Julie Blais Comeau | August 26, 2015 | Canada Living
Only a couple more weekends before Labour Day! Where did the summer go? You may only have one more chance to make a great impression on family and friends at the last fiesta of the sunny season. Whether it's a barbecue, brunch, a pool or cocktail party, or a potluck, follow these six modern party do's and don'ts for hosts and guest.
Wade Stayzer

5 Tips to Help You Create a Realistic Budget

Wade Stayzer | August 26, 2015 | Canada Living
Budgeting isn't a dirty word, yet for many people the process of creating and living on a budget is seen as confusing, restrictive and scary. Creating a budget is actually a very straightforward process. Budgets aren't difficult but they require organization and discipline in order to be successful.
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