Sacha DeVoretz


Top 10 Reasons Why the Symphony Is Cool

Sacha DeVoretz | December 22, 2014 | Canada Music
I consider the symphony as cool as Radiohead, Boards of Canada or Ele (my new favourite artist). Recently, I spoke with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and they shared with me the top 10 reasons why the symphony is cool.
Collette Gee


How to Make New Year's Resolutions You Will Keep

Collette Gee | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
I love New Years Day! A fresh start with lots of hope and new beginnings. I am one of those people who loves to plan everything so that I'm always ahead of schedule on the things I want to accomplish. And since I am so good at micro and macro-managing my tasks and goals, I thought I would share with you the key elements to jump start your New Year.
Abby Langer

Six Things About Food and Weight You Should Never Say to Anyone

Abby Langer | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
Now that the holidays are here, eating season is switching into high gear. Take this under advisement, from someone who deals with the fallout of these comments in my practice: there are some things you should just never say to people. Here are the top six things you should never say to someone about their eating or their weight.
Julie Blais Comeau


Sticky Situation: Your Ultimate Holiday Hosting How-To

Julie Blais Comeau | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
At this most wonderful time of the year, I share with you place-setting guidelines, dining dos and don'ts and of course solutions to sticky hosting situations.
El Jones


Until Dalhousie Understands Privilege, There Can Be No Restorative Justice

El Jones | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
Being a dentist is not a right. If someone is not appropriate to be a professional, society is not obligated towards them in some way. I hope these men do recognize how they have damaged their classmates and their community. Until the university gets how this entire thing was about privilege -- men feeling entitled to women's bodies, men feeling insulated by their position, men counting on lack of consequence -- they cannot create the necessary changes to their structures nor recognize and mitigate harm. If they are still puzzled by why women are so angry how can they help guide healing?
Sandra Charron

Being Excited About Christmas Doesn't Mean My Depression's Cured

Sandra Charron | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
Nobody wants to be Ebenezer. But during the holidays, when all are merry, and my eyes are watering with the unexplained tears of depression -- which has not left me, but has only fooled those around me -- the oft-repeated, "What's wrong now? You seemed fine yesterday," only serves to make the demons in my head cackle a little louder.
Andrew Tai


How to Beat Driving Anxiety After Suffering a Car Accident

Andrew Tai | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
Aside from self-love, there is another self-healing method you can try -- taking driving courses. This actually works a little bit like therapy since you are essentially asking yourself to face one of your greatest fears, which is driving. By having your driving instructor walk you through driving procedures, you may gain a clearer sense of control and the environment around you whenever you drive.
Andy Nulman


What I Learned This Week: Why We Long For a Time When Trivial Matters Become Important

Andy Nulman | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
I have a friend who is currently going through the type of health-related family anguish you should never know... but given the way life (and death) works, you probably will at one time or another. While I won't reveal his identity for...
Jordan Cieciwa


Try These Low Maintenance, Healthy Recipes To Start Your Day Off Right

Jordan Cieciwa | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
Somehow, without any scientific backing, we have blacklisted carbs, overloaded on protein, alienated fat, and decided that water doesn't taste good unless we put sugar, fake sugar and colour in it. I think it's because the human race has gone crazy. Being overweight became a huge fear of ours. The...
Bill Bogart


Can Pollution Cause Obesity?

Bill Bogart | December 21, 2014 | Canada Living
At the same time there is more to obesity than "calories in/calories out." A case in point is a recent study tying body mass index (BMI) to pollutants. That investigation suggests that exposure to second-hand smoke and roadway traffic may be linked to increased BMI in children and adolescents. These studies and reports on pollutants and other chemicals contribute to the movement challenging the causes of obesity as simple caloric explanations. We have much more to learn about the complexities concerning excessive weight gain.
Laila Eman

This Christmas, Give Your Presence Instead of Presents

Laila Eman | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
There tends to be this common constant act, celebrated by many that's troubling me lately...the act of giving gifts. As we get closer to Christmas, I hope you consider a few ideas I've put together for you and loved ones to do this season, to practice staying present and building lasting memories.
Jason Tetro


Spice Up Your Health This Holiday Season

Jason Tetro | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
As the Spice Girls proclaim, spicing up your food can definitely spice up your life and offer joy both emotionally and physiologically. Whether you choose the bitterness of garlic, the sweetness of cinnamon or the umami and heat of a kimchi, you can ensure the time is filled with joy rather than pain.
Hana Shafi

Why Can't I Be Feminine and Have Body Hair?

Hana Shafi | December 21, 2014 | Canada Living
Body hair doesn't have a gender. It's just hair that grows from your body and twisting it to mean otherwise is just yet another way for society to control women and profit off the double standards that have been forced upon them. So if you spot me on the subway with my ripped jeans and leg hair, just remember: it's just hair, it's not going to bite you.
Melissa Jarman

Four Secrets to Scholarship Success

Melissa Jarman | December 21, 2014 | Canada Living
Each year, thousands of Canadian students earn scholarships that help them offset their education costs. Surprisingly, over $15 million of the $70 million available each year in scholarship dollars goes unclaimed, according to industry estimates. If you're planning on spending some time looking and applying for scholarships over the next few weeks, here are some tips for success.
Arthur Gallant


The Holidays Aren't a Happy Time for Everybody

Arthur Gallant | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
So when you're sitting at the dinner table eating turkey dinner for the tenth time or struggling to find room for all those new presents, consider yourself grateful. Please don't take anything you have for granted. What you consider such a normal part of the holidays are things people like me dream about and yearn for.
Debra Macleod


Why Modern Paganism Is Good For Today's Families, Part II

Debra Macleod | December 22, 2014 | Canada Living
Despite spending most of my life as an atheist, I have come to realize that spirituality is part of the human condition. So is the ability to think for oneself, to follow one's own moral compass and to challenge stereotypes that others have created for their own purposes. If you agree, you might have a spark of Vesta's ancient fire in you after all.
Samantha Kemp-Jackson


Don't Make Santa Your Parenting "Fall Guy"

Samantha Kemp-Jackson | December 20, 2014 | Canada Living
Sure, Santa may determine that a child's behaviour is not up to snuff and is therefore a reason to deny said child of gifts on Christmas Day. But why does Santa have to be the judge, jury and (figurative) executioner on December 25th? Whatever happened to parental responsibility and the ability to look one's child in the eye in an attempt to deliver the verdict?
Kathleen Finlay


Canadian Doctors Should Learn to Apologize

Kathleen Finlay | December 20, 2014 | Canada Living
Patient Protection Canada has heard from families across the country and beyond about their horrible hospital experiences. Almost none ever received an apology. That cold, hard reality is backed up by my own experience involving the lengthy hospitalization of my elderly mother a few years ago. Despite raising a number of questions and concerns about these and other matters, and never even hinting at legal action, no apology was ever forthcoming from this major hospital.
The Reply


Life After the Loss of a Sister

The Reply | December 20, 2014 | Canada Living
After suffering such a significant loss, Carly has learned to cherish what is truly important. She talks about how grateful she is to have people in her life who she knows will always stand by her side, no matter what. "There aren't words to describe how much my family means to me."
Steve Morgan


New Brunswick's Opportunity to Reduce Pharmaceutical Drug Prices

Steve Morgan | December 19, 2014 | Canada Politics
The Liberal government of New Brunswick appears to be stepping back from the brink of mandatory prescription drug insurance. And so they should. The drug plan chosen by the Conservatives was designed on a false premise: that the private sector can better manage things than government can. In many sectors, that might be true. But not in health care.
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