The Delicious Dozen: 12 Kitchen Tricks You Need To Know | August 25, 2016 | Canada Living
Everyone has a kitchen secret or two. There's the aunt who won't share her meatball recipe for fear that someone will make it better than her. There's the grandmother who gives her apple pie recipe but omits the apples. Then, there's the friend who makes it all look so effortless, masterfully balancing it all while putting out a jaw-dropping spread. Well get ready, because we're sharing our secrets.
Get Leashed Magazine

Dogs Can Volunteer Too (And It's Amazing)

Get Leashed Magazine | August 25, 2016 | Canada Living
Meet Piper. She's a 5 1/2 year old Golden Retriever and her dad, Bryan Tenenhouse, is a former colleague of mine. I met Piper for the first time back in the Fall. She and her dad were out for a stroll and I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe, checking emails. She's training to be a service dog.
Dr. Alison Chen, ND

The Real Reasons Why You're Having Stomach Problems

Dr. Alison Chen, ND | August 25, 2016 | Canada Living
The gut is like a highway junction to every part of the body. The mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) gives direct access to the blood stream which carries nutrients, oxygen, toxins, waste products, and inflammatory markers to the whole body. So when there is trouble in the gut, you can have health issues throughout your body.
Todd Hauptman

How To Prepare Your Deck For The Fall

Todd Hauptman | August 25, 2016 | Canada Living
The time is coming to prepare your outdoor living space for the fall. The fall means colder and wetter weather but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy your outdoor living space but just in a different way.
Deepi Harish

Are Blenders Better Than Juicers?

Deepi Harish | August 25, 2016 | Canada Living
It depends on which smoothie/juice junkie you ask. One thing is for sure; the marketing for popular blender brands surpasses that of any juicer. When was the last time you heard someone talk about their juicer? Let the great debate begin!
Prad Sekar

What Health Canada's New Cannabis Regulations Mean For Patients

Prad Sekar | August 24, 2016 | Canada Living
Wednesday's release of Health Canada's new medical cannabis regulations, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations brings some big changes for patients. Perhaps the biggest is the reintroduction of statutes that allow Canadian patients to grow for themselves, or to designate someone to grow on their behalf.
Michael Gazer

3 Risks To The Aging Population Of Canada

Michael Gazer | August 24, 2016 | Canada Living
Canada is experiencing a demographic shift. Baby boomers, currently the largest generation, are rapidly reaching retirement age. By 2021, 17.8 per cent of the total Canadian population will be over 65 - that's nearly seven million people. By 2041, that number is expected to jump to 9.7 million, or 22.6 per cent.
Kimberlyn McGrail

British Columbia's Failed Health-Care Experiment

Kimberlyn McGrail | August 24, 2016 | Canada British Columbia
B.C. attempted to coax individual doctors to provide important primary care services (chronic disease management, mental health care and preventative care, for example) and discourage walk-in style practice by providing additional incentive payments within the public fee-for-service system.
Meghan Pearson

How To Make Matbucha, The Juicy Salad

Meghan Pearson | August 24, 2016 | Canada Living
This dip-dish of tomatoes and roasted bell peppers seasoned with garlic, is traditionally served cold alongside other Israeli appetizers, and is actually considered a salad. Although I would use that term very loosely, as the finished dish is more of a salsa, and warm pieces of bread or pita are the ideal vessel for transferring the ruby substance to the mouth. It's long cooking time allows the juices to cook way down, offering up a rich, almost sticky, sweet finish.
Jenna Em

The Summer Of Pokémon GO

Jenna Em | August 24, 2016 | Canada Living
Pokémon GO has brought together people of all ages and demographics in the pursuit of one common goal: catching Pokémon. The game rewards users for being sociable (clustering together where other users can be found), and people who wouldn't have ever conversed before are now engaging in dialogues. Yes, Pokémon GO has people once again talking to one another.
Mike Sholars

My Mixed-Race Family Has No Set Culture, But We Have Each Other

Mike Sholars | August 24, 2016 | Canada Living
No one knows what my family is, or how exactly we all relate to each other at first sight, but it's always been a question of where we come from, and implicitly, a question of what we're doing here at all. I have never met someone who shares my ethnic mix (outside of my brother) in my entire life. My grandma divorced her husband. My mom ran off and married a black dude. They've never said it to my face, but I've figured that a lot of the amazing and independent choices my parents made as women didn't totally click with a lot of what India was telling women to be back in the day.
Cheryl Muir

We Need To Stop Judging Submissive Men

Cheryl Muir | August 24, 2016 | Canada Living
As a romance author, I'm constantly bumping up against a rather awkward subject. An elephant in the room, if you will. What am I talking about? 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, it has been a number of years since its release. Yes, it's absolutely relevant to the conversation on sexuality. And I'll tell you why.
David Suzuki

How Much Food Can Cities Produce?

David Suzuki | August 24, 2016 | Canada Impact
Urban agriculture won't resolve all food production and distribution problems, but it could help take pressure off rural land while providing other advantages. From balcony, backyard, rooftop, indoor and community gardens to city beehives and chicken coops to larger urban farms and farmers markets, growing and distributing local food in or near cities is a healthy way to help the environment.
Olivia Lovenmark

Handwritten Notes Mean More Than 'Thank You' In The Digital Age

Olivia Lovenmark | August 23, 2016 | Canada Living
Certainly receiving a handwritten note will brighten your recipient's day, but it also signals that you hold your relationship in high regard; that you have a great amount of respect for your friend, family member or colleague; and that you wish to continue to build upon the relationship, and that is quite something special.
Gail Elliot

Activities That Add Meaning To Each Day For People With Dementia

Gail Elliot | August 23, 2016 | Canada Living
Along with the diagnosis of dementia there often comes an expectation that abilities are diminished. The focus shifts to what this person can no longer do rather than focusing on the remaining abilities and what the person is still able to do.
Mohamad Jebara

Fractured Jerusalem Reminds Us Of Our Need To Reconnect And Heal

Mohamad Jebara | August 23, 2016 | Canada Living
Far from being a "city of peace," it was and remains a fractured and divided city, echoing the fragmentation found within all people. Jerusalem teaches us that each time our life seems destroyed and razed to the ground, it can be rebuilt and life has to go on.
Glen Pearson

Some Ceilings Were Meant To Be Shattered

Glen Pearson | August 23, 2016 | Canada Impact
Sometimes things transpire in international venues that remind us that the fight for gender equality is not only being waged relentlessly, but successfully, and with brilliant achievement. For years we read stories of individual women making their mark by ascending to leadership roles in business, politics, entertainment, non-profit, and in media, among many other fields.
Natasha Koifman

Are You Settling In Life?

Natasha Koifman | August 23, 2016 | Canada Living
Can I ask you a personal question? Are you settling? In your love life, are you settling for something that is okay rather than striving for something that is extraordinary? Have you ever, in the stillness of a date night or on the morning of New Year's day gotten a glimpse of the truth? The truth that maybe you don't love him the way he deserves to be loved, that he doesn't love you the way you deserve to be loved?
Wade Rowland

The Hip Concert On CBC Is What Happens When Nation Trumps Revenue

Wade Rowland | August 23, 2016 | Canada Business
The CBC's decision to air the Tragically Hip's farewell concert Saturday was a stroke of public broadcasting genius. Better than almost any event one could imagine, it demonstrated the power of a national public broadcaster to bring a nation together to celebrate its shared values, to honour its prodigies, to connect.
Suzannah Baum

How To Give An Amazing Wedding Speech

Suzannah Baum | August 23, 2016 | Canada Living
I went to a wedding a few weeks ago, and had the opportunity to listen to at least 7 different speeches given by the family and friends of the happy couple. The content of all the speeches was great -- all were very heartfelt and warm, and written from a place of deep caring for the couple. But some were greater than others. Here's what I learned.
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