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Stealing a Bite of Apple

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Whether you are trying to land a new client, aiming for a promotion, or hoping to get a new job, you need to always make yourself as buyable as possible.

Your products and services are clearly crucial -- but as we all know -- people buy people.

So, what makes someone buy you? Typically, it's a whole host of factors, from how much they want to be associated with your personal brand and image to how valuable you may be to them from a business or personal perspective to how much they perceive that you may be wanted by others (known as "the jealousy effect").

How can we let our targets know that there are others who want us? How can we create the impression that if they don't move soon, they may well miss out?

This is where we can learn something from Apple!

With the launch of the new iPhone, we all know that soon, TV programs and newspapers will be showing us photos and video of long lines outside Apple Stores, other shots of people holding their new toy up in the air while high-fiving friends -- celebrating having purchased a product.

Apple generates an instant need, a ripple of breathless anticipation and excitement and several gigabytes of "the jealousy effect." They do this by telling great stories -- through marketing -- and creating a sense of limited supply and ensuing urgency.

Seeing regular people loving the product is something we inherently trust. It's not advertising -- it's "the truth" and we, as consumers, always buy the truth!

This comprehensive approach to launching a product ensures a perception of great value and a need to be part of this social and technological experience.

Very impressive!

Now it's your turn...

DIY Apple Sales and Marketing

We can each run our own individualized, personal Apple marketing machine by following the same rules. Next time you are in front of a client, a new employer, your boss or even a potential love interest (!) -- very subtly weave in some of these key ideas into your conversation...

There's NOT a lot of YOU to go around -- others want you and are about to buy! (Effect: If supply is limited, perceived value goes up!)

Your approach to business is innovative, you have new ideas and you bring BENEFIT and VALUE to anyone who chooses to buy you. Any time you earn any money, someone, somewhere made the decision to buy you and your time! (Effect: People want to hear those ideas, they like that you recognize their need for innovation and inspiration -- now you are even more desirable!)

Tell the story of how working with you has resulted in enviable successes for other companies and organizations in the past. (Effect: This approach creates "the jealousy effect" by passing the positive testimonial away from you and onto someone else. People may choose to believe you advertising yourself, but they are far more likely to buy "the truth" of someone else's recommendation -- even if you are the one to say it!)

Nothing in life is guaranteed except death, taxes and people getting excited about a new iPhone -- so, pick elements of the Apple approach that work for you and build even more of your own success!

P.S. Anyone want an old iPhone?

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