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The Week in Review: Let's Leave Brazeau and Pistorius Cases to the Courts

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This week, a couple of high-profile stories (one ongoing, one new) led to an odd juxtaposition: The too-cute images of idealized love and prezzies for your sweet (brought to you care of Valentine's Day) sat side by side with grim speculation about violence visited upon one intimate by another. In Canada, it was the fallout from Senator Patrick Brazeau's being charged with sexual assault and assault (following a 911 call which brought police to his home) that cast the shadows. For much of the rest of the world, it was the murder charge laid against Olympic athlete and double-amputee Oscar Pistorius in the shooting death of his girlfriend that set the somber tone. With any allegation of a despicable act, public reproach follows -- but the judgment seems to land particularly swiftly when the incident involves suspected domestic abuse. Let's hope our well-founded indignation at violence against women does not supersede our equally laudable tradition of considering an accused individual innocent until proven guilty.

Oscar Pistorius Shooting in pictures
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