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Allergy Soothers For Little Ones

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Our kids are perfect. It's just that when they have runny noses and itchy eyes they don't always look or feel that way. To make sure they are at their best, we put together a list of 10 Allergy Soothers for you to look through. Here are some of our favourites:

Hank&Cheef Hankies
These sweet hankies are soft on little noses and a much more eco-friendly choice than going through a box of tissues every day. ($15.75 per three-pack, get more help here.)

Little Allergies Allergen Block
Love this -- a barrier gel to keep the pollen and ragweed out of the nose and in nature, where they belong. It's especially good for us hypervigilant parents who prefer that our brood stay as medication-free as possible. ($21.89, get more help here.)

Dermamed Natural Healing Cream
This cream for eczema also remedies allergy-induced hives and other rashes. Made in Canada, it is designed with kids in mind so it's gentle and effective. Plus, it features some of our favourite natural remedies -- calendula and manuka. ($14.95, get more help here.)

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