34 Savvy Toys for the Holidays

11/14/2012 05:14 EST | Updated 01/14/2013 05:12 EST
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We're not going to lie, being a parent is tough work. But there are lots of perks -- like those sweet sloppy kisses and trips to the toy store. Every. Year. Have fun getting started on your holiday toy list with our 34 Hot Toys for the Holidays.

XaXa 2012-11-14-Xaxa_ball_NL.jpg

These balls are made of fun and stretchy plastic that provides great tactile stimulation and houses an inner core container that can be popped out of one of the holes in the shell. Customize the XaXa for a different feel, weight or sound by filling it with different materials--even a secret message! ($19.99, tell me more)

Bird-O the Bird 2012-11-14-Bird_o_Bird_NL.jpg

Just when we thought we couldn't handle another stuffie in the house, along comes the Clump-O-Lump collection and...we're smitten. Is it the zipping and other modifications that beguiles us so? Or perhaps the range of available creatures, from birds to sharks. Not sure, but we do know that these are here to stay. ($29.95, tell me more)

Yetitoy 2012-11-14-Prince_Lionheart_yetitoy_horns_NL.jpg

Get ready to ride in style with this ride-on fantasy creature. With big button wheels (made of rubber for all terrain use), an array of bright colours to choose from and interchangeable accessories (think horns, ears, saddle), your child is bound to fall in love. It's a great way to encourage their own mode of exploration and to reap the benefits of outdoor play. ($140, tell me more)

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet 2012-11-14-Boogie_Board_nl.jpg

The whole family will be clamouring for one of their own. This write-on, push-a-button-to-erase tablet is great for car rides, messages and secret spy games, as well as role-playing school marm. ($39.95, tell me more)

You need to play around with the rest of our 34 Hot Toys for the Holidays.

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