2012: Canadian Politics Was a Game of Tomato, Tomahto

If voters sit down and scrutinize the political and economic policy proposals put forth by each party in 2012, it becomes apparent that it is nearly impossible to tell where one party stops and another begins. So unless you sit slightly to the right -- in which case every party embodies your politics -- the next time a canvasser, pollster, government official, or public figure asks, "which political party do you support?" consider responding "none of them." Can you really be considered apathetic?

How to Prevent Political Scandals in 2013

The year 2012 saw some scandals in Canada. There was the exposure of the multi-million dollar Ornge Air Ambulance scandal, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency scandal in Alberta, and the Robocall scandal. Did we spend a lot of time, money, and energy investigating and analyzing these scandals? Yes. Is there a sure way to avoid these problems for the next year, 2013?

Who Are Our News Winners Of The Year?

Who had a great 2012? We take a look at five of the biggest Canadian news winners of the year. 1. Quebec Student Movement Photo: Quebec student protests paralyzed the province for most of the spring...

Who Are Our News Losers Of The Year?

2012 might not be the end of the world but it hasn't been kind to these five Canadian newsmakers. We take a look at the biggest losers of the year: 1. The NHL Photo: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman h...