2012 Presidential Election

Having Coffee with Kofi Annan

I was one of the lucky few who was invited to attend a rare opportunity to have a roundtable discussion with former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan who was in Toronto for an exclusive speaking engagement as part of an ongoing speakers series. Annan answered our questions which covered various hot button topics including the ways towards a successful society, Iran, Romney and China. Here is what he said.

Think the U.S. Election Is About the Economy? Not.

Barack Obama is foreign. Oh yeah? Mitt Romney is a bully. Think the U.S. presidential election will be about the economy? Think again. We'd like to imagine that elections are decided on the issues, by voters responding rationally to competing policy proposals. But myth and narrative are stronger than reason -- and strongest of all when, as now in the U.S., times are hard and solutions are lacking.