You're Wrong, David Frum

David Frum recently published his analysis of the federal budget, and asked whether or not it definitively proves that Canada is the "best-governed country in the advanced democratic world." On a purely economic basis this budget is prudent in many ways. But as a policy document, it is a dismal failure that continues this government's disregard for the health of our democracy.

Canada's Dirty (Water) Secret

Why is Canada resistant to recognizing clean water as a human right? Perhaps it's because if we were to do so, we would have to face the fact that our country, a world leader in fighting for human rights, is denying a human right to hundreds of thousands of our own people.

Hey Hockey Parents, Your Kids Are Poor Sports

What I witnessed at the conclusion of a local league hockey championship in Thornton, Ont. made a mockery of hockey's ultimate act of chivalry. After Thornton Tigers beat the Oak Ridges Kings in the Bantam Championship Finals, some of the victorious Tigers broke the code: They refused to shake hands, instead of uttering positive parting words, they spewed vulgarities: "Loser. Faggot. Retard."

Here's How Singapore Can Stay in the Game

I have been spending the last few days in Singapore at a very interesting conference. Such a theme highlights the interest that a small but smart state such as Singapore has in maintaining a balance between the need for rules and regulations in the global order, and the space for innovative practices at the domestic level to keep up its competitive status.

CHANGE MY MIND: When Should a Fetus be Recognized as a Child?

In February, Tory MP Stephen Woodworth filed a motion requesting a study of a subsection of the Criminal Code that says in Canada a child does not become a human being until the moment of complete birth. For our new debate series -- "Change My Mind" -- Huffpost Canada asked Joyce Arthur, founder of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, to debate with Woodworth the need for his motion. Whom do you agree with?

Gunman opens fire in California school

Police in Oakland, Calif., have surrounded a Christian university in search of a gunman who reportedly opened fire Monday morning and wounded at least five people, authorities said. The shooting was r...

Suicide rate rises for teen girls

Suicide rates among children are decreasing overall, but increasing among girls in Canada, a new study suggests. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Canadians aged 10 to 19, a "disturbin...

Woodworth #2

Thank you for this opportunity to reply to Ms. Arthur's comments. 1) Ms. Arthur suggests that using the word "child" is begging the question since she assumes that a "child" is a "human being." I reco...

Joyce Arthur #2

Woodworth's debate contributions exemplify what is wrong with his motion and why it will fail. Throughout, he uses the word "women" only once, ironically to note that women were previously not conside...

Arthur response #1

Some readers might wonder why I'm debating Stephen Woodworth on the grounds of this misleading and offensive debate statement (which he provided). I saw it as a good representation of Woodworth's enti...

Pro response #1

I appreciate the willingness of Ms. Arthur to debate the policy of my motion (M-312). I'll begin with what Supreme Court Justice Bertha Wilson said in her ruling in R v Morgentaler in 1988: "The preci...

Why I'm Saying Goodbye to Twitter

Last weekend, I sent my last Twitter message: "Dear Twitter - Adios. Free at last. Free at last, Great God almighty I'm free at last." Since then I've had a number of politicians come up to me and say they can't believe I actually did it.

Slaughter looms for rare sheep herd

More than 40 sheep from a rare, heritage breed on an Ontario farm are to be put to death tomorrow by the federal government. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is euthanizing the sheep because a sin...

Little Mosque says goodbye

CBC’s ground-breaking show Little Mosque on the Prairie draws to a close Monday night, remaining true to the "ordinary folks” portrayal of Muslims it has practised from the outset. When the show debu...

1 dead, 3 injured in Brampton crash

Police said one person has died and three others remain in hospital with serious injuries following a two-car collision in Brampton early Sunday. The accident happened at about 2 a.m. at the intersec...

Feist wins Juno for artist of the year

Feist emerged as a big winner at the 2012 Juno Awards, after taking artist of the year in last night's broadcast gala. The Toronto singer who spent much of her early career in Calgary was also a doub...

Crash on René Lévesque kills driver

A 34-year-old woman was killed early Sunday morning after her car collided with a jeep on René Lévesque Boulevard East. Montreal police said the woman was travelling south on Alexandre De Sève Street...

Saturday Round Up: The Week that Wasn't

Two major government budgets were released this week, by Ontario and the Feds respectively; as widely anticipated, both will balance spending and eliminate debt by the end of the year with no cuts to any social services. Critics from the left and right applauded the leaders for showing such fiscal responsibility while managing to balance the needs of all Canadian citizens. Asked how he expected to deal with the looming crisis with old age pensions, Prime Minister Harper noted that the budget called for the phasing out of seniors beginning in 2016... Okay, now that I've got my April Fool's joke out of the way, let's look back upon the messy conflagration of human events that constitutes last week's news highlights here at Huffpost.