Man and women injured in east end shooting

Two people are in hospital following a shooting in the city’s east end late Monday night. The shooting took place at about 11:15 p.m. at a home on St. Clair Avenue East, just east of O’Connor Drive,...
Daniel Grill via Getty Images

Do Ontarians Only Vote To Keep the Biggest Liar Out of Power?

According to one theory, whose origins I've long forgotten, the business of voting has undergone an evolutionary transmogrification. In earlier times, citizens voted for the candidates they liked the most. Soon, a cynicism having seeped into the civic fabric, they began to vote for the candidates they disliked the least. And now? People vote against the crooks and liars that they hate the most. The problem with this theory is that it presumes a golden age, and no experienced person could reasonably indulge a notion like that.