Funeral Today For Teen Who Disappeared

TORONTO - Mourners bid their final farewells Saturday to a Toronto teen whose mysterious disappearance more than two years ago came to a grim conclusion late last month. For many who gathered for Mari...

Say Hello To The Iron Man Of The Sea

VANCOUVER - Forget space being the final frontier, diving-suit designer Phil Nuytten says it's the deep-sea that truly calls for further exploration and he has just the vehicle to get us there.Nuytten...

Jean Beliveau Released From Hospital

MONTREAL - Montreal Canadiens great Jean Beliveau, who suffered a stroke just under a month ago, has been released from hospital and appears to be on the mend.Donald Beauchamp, a spokesman for the NHL...

Mississauga man charged in fatal stabbing

An 18-year-old Mississauga man is facing a first-degree murder charge in connection with a stabbing near the Islington subway station early Friday. The incident happened near the intersection of Bloo...

One Winning Ticket, $50 Million

TORONTO - There is one winning ticket for the $50-million jackpot in Friday night’s Lotto Max draw.The ticket was sold somewhere in Ontario.Fourteen MaxMillions prizes of $1-million each were also up...

Quebec giving Hippodrome back to Montreal

The Quebec government is giving the Hippodrome back to the City of Montreal free of charge, but the deal isn't without conditions. Montreal sold the horseracing track to the province 15 years ago. Th...

McClintic Microwaved A Dog, Court Hears

The lawyer for Michael Thomas Rafferty's suggested in court Friday that his client didn't know what was in store when Terri-Lynne McClintic walked up to his car with Victoria (Tori) Stafford in tow....

Mutilated cats found in Vancouver suburb

Fifteen mutilated cats have been found in the Metro Vancouver suburb of Maple Ridge over the past year, and police and SPCA are asking for the public's help cracking the case. Most recently, the bott...

Time to Put a Nail in Lenin's (Public) Coffin?

Today there's a growing mood in Russia to remove Lenin's preserved corpse from display in a tomb on Red Square, and bury him under a mass of concrete. Younger generations of Russians want what the West has, thumb their nose at tradition, have confidence in themselves, are wary of authority, and couldn't care less about Lenin.

Does Whitney's Death Really Matter?

Unless living in a world where supermarkets and their ubiquitous tabloids at checkout don't exist, everybody knows what killed Whitney Houston. Was it then necessary yesterday to make the just released result of her autopsy a news item? Perhaps it's "news," but let's agree that it is of very little importance.

Dear John: My Letter From President Obama

In Thursday's announcement about his approval for a leg of the Keystone pipeline starting in Cushing, Oklahoma, the President spoke optimistically about America's energy future. A few weeks ago, I wrote to Obama urging him to make North America more energy self-sufficient. Here is his reply.

NDP to choose new leader today

New Democrats will vote Saturday to choose the person who will succeed Jack Layton and lead the Official Opposition against Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Seven candidates remain, with the first ball...

Why Leadership Campaigns are Messier Than Elections

The real campaign being waged in a leadership race happens a long way away from the television debates and the convention floor. It's waged in community centres in Surrey B.C. and Longeuil, bars in Halifax and Biggar, and on the phone every day. The ground game is political trench warfare.

An Under Sea Economy Could Solve Fishery Woes

A story in the National Post that says Ottawa is considering an approach to fisheries based on markets and incentives is good news. The most successful fishing nations have given each fishermen a right to a share of the catch -- called Individual Transferable Quotas -- before they go out to fish.

New express buses coming to West Island

The West Island will be getting four new express bus routes starting early next month. The vice chair of the STM, Marvin Rotrand, says the province is spending $16 million to improve public transit l...

SQ officer injured in Hwy 10 crash

A Quebec police officer was injured after another car slammed into the side of a cruiser on Highway 10 early Friday morning. The Sureté du Quebec officer was escorting a transport truck at around 4 a...