2024 Olympics

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Toronto Taxpayers Deserve Transparency in the 2024 Olympic Bid Process

Premier Wynne and Mayor Tory refuse to say whether or not Toronto will be bidding on the Games. Wynne and Tory fall back on the line that there are still a "lot of questions" about a possible Olympic bid, and that time is needed to answer those questions. The fact that the politicians leading the Olympic charge are saying questions remain so late in the game should raise eyebrows. The smart money says that they have been planning on filing the bid letter all along, but have been keeping taxpayers in the dark. The truth is that the city has been looking into the 2024 Olympics for years.
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2024 Olympic Bid Process Suffers From a Lack of Transparency

The September 15 deadline to bid for the 2024 Olympics is a big deal that boosters everywhere are downplaying. In Toronto, they are telling us not to worry, saying it's just a letter -- an "expression of interest" -- and that the letter doesn't mean anything. Elsewhere, no one is saying anything about that date at all. But September 15 is a big deal, and bid cities everywhere should be concerned.
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Toronto's 2024 Olympic Bid Process Suffers from a 'Democracy Deficit'

Discussions about the 2024 bid were supposed to take place soon after the conclusion of the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games on August 15th. The Games have passed, the September 15th deadline is looming, and the trio of organizers -- Bob Richardson, Marcel Aubut, and Mayor John Tory -- have gone commando silent. They haven't offered a peep about procedures or timelines. We don't know with whom or how these discussions will take place. Why the secrecy? Where is the transparency and accountability in the Toronto 2024 bid process?