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One Small Date Error Extends Tax Season

While the extension is good news for anybody who might have left their tax filing to the last minute, it demonstrates that mistakes can happen fairly easily. If the almighty taxman can miss updating a date on a memo then it's completely fathomable that we might make a few errors when it comes to our taxes. But tax mistakes can be costly.

Can You Account For the Cost of Friendship?

When dealing with advisors, an important consideration is competency. If the person you're working with isn't competent, how much is it costing you? I might find that my client's banker is overcharging them or their accountant is less than adequate, only to hear them say that they can't move their business because the person they deal with is nice or maybe even a friend.

Should You Fire Your Accountant?

Automated software can only take you so far. Your business is unique -- when it comes to finding maximum deductions or handling complicated questions about your transactions, for example, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. A professional will apply solutions that fit your business to a tee, something technology just can't do.