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Canada's 'Culture Of Convenience' Messing Up Our Kids' Health

CP | Lauren La Rose, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.20.2014 | Canada Living

TORONTO - While many Canadian kids play sports and have access to parks and playgrounds, a new report has given them a D minus grade when it comes to ...

Are You Doing Enough to Get Your Kids Physically Active this Summer?

Daryl Devonish | Posted 07.09.2013 | Canada Living
Daryl Devonish

Think about it. You learn to read and a whole new world opens up to you. You can pick up a book on any topic and dive into it for hours, consuming knowledge. Powerful knowledge that helps shape your future. And yet we neglect to teach our kids the ABCs of physical literacy.

Sneaky Ways To Get Your Kids Active

Posted 03.21.2013 | Canada Living

If you just can’t seem to lure your kids away from the couch, you’re not alone. Active Healthy Kids warns that Canadian children under age 6 are s...

How to Fight the Bored-Kid Blues

Jenna Em | Posted 01.20.2013 | Canada Living
Jenna Em

As a child, I would play outside all day long, only coming indoors for meals. How the times have changed! My kids think that somehow it is my husband's and my responsibility to entertain them! In my own generation, my parents never played the role of entertainment clowns, so how have today's parents somehow fallen into this role? How to shake up this generation of BORED kids? Here are some of my suggestions.

SavvyMom Roundup of Serious Dos and Don'ts

Minnow Hamilton | Posted 08.02.2012 | Canada Living
Minnow Hamilton

From exciting new lip colour treats, to dangerous laundry detergent, to wedding boots, this week was fully of exciting news at SavvyMom. Here's what caught my attention out of all the latest fashion, style and parenting info out there on the Internet.