Adam Vaughan


Trudeau's Liberals Win Big In Toronto

OTTAWA - Monday's byelections gave Justin Trudeau's Liberals plenty to smile about: they bested their NDP rivals in one key Toronto riding, beat back a Conservative challenge in another and even deliv...

So Long, Toronto City Council

Adam Vaughan will resign from city council today, so that he can fully devote himself to a run at a federal seat in Ottawa. Vaughan will be one of the names on the ballot for voters in the June 30 bye...

Ford Proves Power Is Sexy

They say power is sexy. It appears readers of the Toronto Sun agree. Mayor Rob Ford has been selected as the top male "hottie" at City Hall in a controversial survey organized by columnist Mike Strobe...
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Mayor Rob Ford Is Actually Doing a Good Job

I agree with the Toronto Star, that Mayor Rob Ford's birthday was not "business as usual." In fact, it was better than business as usual. While the rest of the members of Toronto City Council seem consumed with the alleged crack cocaine video, Mayor Ford is apparently performing their duties for which he was elected.

'I Want To See A Casino Approved'

Mayor Rob Ford's executive committee has approved a motion that will move the debate over whether Toronto should host a casino in the downtown core, or Exhibition Place, to city council. The vote pas...