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How To Avoid All Those Hidden Airline Fees

When it comes to airline fees, knowledge is power. Once you know how to look for the hidden fees and how to avoid them, you can actually benefit from the hidden fee structure. We've tracked the recent costs of additional fees at some of Canada's biggest carriers and "Wow Air," the new low-cost carrier on the scene, so you know what you're up against.
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Why Canadian Travel Needs More Competition

For those returning home after the holidays, here's a question you might have pondered: Why does it cost so much to travel? Answer: government policy. Consider two examples, starting first with taxi fares. That's one example of how governments artificially inflate travel costs. Here's another: airline fares.
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The Government's Grinch-like Restrictions on Holiday Travel

Question: Have you ever felt annoyed at a restaurant when your bill arrived with a mandated tip, thus removing your (monetary) ability to comment on the service? If so, that's about how governments act vis-à-vis travel costs for Canadians, this when governments prevent full competition which would reduce prices. For example, consider a trip the average Canadian family might take this holiday season.

Tories Target Airfares

Four years after changing the law to require airlines to advertise fares with fees and taxes included, the federal government said Friday the time is now right to bring in new regulations. But it cou...