Alberta Budget 2013

Family Values: One Family's Challenge To Make Things Better For Disadvantaged Kids

In early January of this year, I met Glenda Zamzow at a book signing in Calgary. A week later, after having read my book she contacted me. Glenda told me that she had been inspired by my story, which led her to organize a family meeting with her husband Richard and sons 11 year old Derek and 14 year old Marcus. As Glenda told me "I really felt we should do something - we've been given such great opportunities. You always hear people say 'Just pull yourself up by the bootstraps.' But disadvantaged kids, they don't have boot straps. If it were me, I'd want someone to advocate for me".

'We As Parents Can't Do It Ourselves'

CALGARY - There's been more concern voiced about the Alberta government's plan to cut about $42 million from certain programs for the developmentally disabled.About 200 people turned out at a public f...

'It's Desperation'

EDMONTON - Alberta Premier Alison Redford's government is spending $350,000 to mail out a full-colour budget brochure — something critics suggest is Redford's latest attempt to save her job."It's desp...

Maybe Deficit Won't Be So Bad Afterall

EDMONTON — Alberta’s fiscal situation has been improving recently, but that doesn’t mean the provincial government is set to open the taps on spending, Finance Minister Doug Horner said Monday as the...

Strike Over, Guards To Return To Work

EDMONTON - A massive illegal strike of jail guards that was sparked by the suspension of two workers and spread to correctional facilities across Alberta came to an end Tuesday night.The Alberta Union...
Office of the premier, Alamy

Bitumen Bubble BS

Most Albertans do not believe the so-called "bitumen bubble" is the prime source of the province's financial woes, according to a new poll. Since Premier Alison Redford introduced the "bitumen bubble"...

He's Back And He Wants To Talk PST

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - A former Alberta finance minister says it's time to talk about a provincial sales tax.Ron Liepert says having a PST could help level out the peaks and valleys in Alberta's revenue,...

MRU Performing Arts Cuts: What Kind of Alberta Do We Want?

What sort of society do we want to live in? That's the fundamental question Albertans should ask ourselves after the Redford government's cutbacks to post-secondary education resulted in Mount Royal University cutting several diploma programs, one third of nursing spots, an engineering transfer program, disability studies and performing arts programs.

Albertans Don't Support Privatizing Public Education

In the recent Alberta budget, millions of dollars were devoted to funding private education, even though there appears to be very little public support for this... A majority of Albertans surveyed said that they did not support spending public dollars on private education. Why does the provincial government continue to transfer public dollars to private education without a clear mandate to do so?

What $67 Million In Cuts Looks Like

EDMONTON - The president of the University of Alberta has given students and staff a dire picture of what campus life will be like following $67 million worth of cuts.Indira Samarasekera told students...

Tuition Freeze

EDMONTON - Alberta students will not only avoid paying more tuition next year, they will also not pay a mandated two per cent increase tied to inflation, Advanced Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk an...

Mayor Nenshi On Proposed Cuts At Mount Royal University

So you can imagine my dismay when I heard the news that MRU is considering cutting some of the very programs that this venue was designed to support--and without apparent consultation with the community. These programs are critical for the development of Calgary's cultural offerings and eliminating them severely inhibits our ability to attract the best and brightest to our city from around the world. I also hope that other potential donors will not be put off by the possibility that the intent of their generosity may be lost to provincial politics.

Post-Secondary Cuts Hurt Alberta's Long-Term Competitiveness

It was almost exactly one year ago today, April 10th, 2012. As the Alberta Party candidate for Calgary Elbow I sat on the stage with Alison Redford at Mount Royal University when she promised $650 million in funding for post-secondary education. The people in the room were understandably excited; they had just heard the premier promise to adequately fund important facilities like MRU because they thought the Premier believed an educated Alberta is a strong Alberta.

Alberta's Intergenerational Theft: We're Just Getting Started

Future Albertans, future children and grandchildren of this province call the cops, you have been robbed. Actually, robbed may be too generous a term: this has been no shoplifting offense. You have been victim of grand larceny. This theft is on par with the scam pulled by Bernie Madoff. It makes the Great Train Robbery look like child's play.

Alberta Throws Jim Dinning's Reforms Overboard

Alberta's public sector unions were unhappy with frozen operational spending this year. Truth be told, they don't realize they were thrown a lucky lifeline, this because the present government threw Jim Dinning's budget reforms into the deep blue sea.