Alberta Budget Deficit

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Alberta: Government by Trial Balloon

Politicians lacking vision (like Mr. Prentice) launch trial balloons left, right and centre in the hope that somewhere along the line they'll get it right. This demonstrates a lack of conviction in the party's platform or a lack of confidence in the government's ability to explain difficult issues to the electorate.

Big, Bad Budget Day

EDMONTON - It's budget day in Alberta, and Premier Alison Redford says that while lean times are ahead, there won't be any tax hikes.Redford says falling oil prices mean that the level of spending won...

Beyond The Bubble: A Recipe for a Stronger Alberta

With all the gloom-and-doom swirling around Edmonton this week, an outside observer might conclude a state funeral was in the works instead of an annual budget presentation. Yet while Premier Redford undeniably has tough decisions to make, there are promising signals that she is looking beyond bubbles and examining a range of more enduring solutions to the province's challenges.

Redford: Budget Will Be Lean

EDMONTON - Alberta's budget, to be unveiled Thursday, will be so lean, it won't even keep up with provincial growth, Premier Alison Redford said Wednesday.Redford told reporters her government would n...

Less Energy Wealth IS 'The New Reality'

EDMONTON — With Alberta's bottom line being gutted by falling oil revenue, the March 7 budget will embody a "once in a generation'' transformation in how the province builds and sustains its spending,...

Province Sets Budget Deadline

EDMONTON - The next sitting of the Alberta legislature is to begin March 5.The provincial budget is to follow two days later.Premier Alison Redford has suggested the financial plan for the coming year...