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If Elected Alberta NDP Leader, These Will Be My Priorities

For 43 years, we have been stuck with the same, outdated, right wing status quo. Right wing policies have failed us in nearly every way imaginable: on education, on health care, and on the environment. Most of all, right wing policies have failed to ensure all Albertans get the most from our oil and gas resources. I am ready to work hard to change our province's politics and I know that many of you are, too.

Trying To Fix Things.. Promise

EDMONTON - After a bruising 2013, Alberta Premier Alison Redford reaches the midpoint of her mandate in 2014 facing an emerging political question.Who is Alison Redford?Supporters hail her as the ulti...

Save Alberta From The High-Taxers

Fact is, Alberta's red-ink budgets have much more to do with real per-capita program spending being near historic highs. This also explains why so many Albertans "hiss" at the notion of a sales tax. To understand why the spending side of the government ledger deserves more attention, consider some statistics about Alberta's program spending, ones that take into account Alberta's population growth and inflation rate.

Rough Ride Ahead For Redford

EDMONTON - Alberta's opposition politicians are promising a rough ride for Premier Alison Redford as the spring sitting of the legislature resumes.Redford's government is bringing down its budget Thur...

Dry Numbers Paint a Depressing Picture of Alberta's Budgetary Woes

As many students enrolled in algebra class are likely discovering, numbers can be rather dry. But a proper understanding of them is indispensable to modern life. Without hard, reliable numbers regularly checked, much personal, business, and government planning would be akin to gambling: throw the dice, risk the cash and hope for the best.

History Will Be Made In Alberta Tomorrow

CALGARY - Premier Alison Redford ended her election campaign urging voters to think about how a Wildrose government would look in the eyes of Canada and the world.Redford took aim at Wildrose leader D...

Psycho Vs. Mommie Dearest

EDMONTON - The election writ is set to drop this week in Alberta and if the demonizing hyperbole from the two rightist heavyweight parties is to be believed, voters have a simple choice: Mommie Deares...

Alberta's Wildrose Party Must Embrace the "Dirty Harry Gambit"

The Conservatives played up the idea of building more prisons and enacting tougher laws. The Tories did this because they knew full well that their right-wing "law and order" supporters would love it, but so would ordinary non-ideological voters who just want criminals thrown in jail. I call this ploy, the "Dirty Harry Gambit."

Meet Alberta's First Female Premier

EDMONTON - In a week of heartbreak and triumph, Alison Redford saw her mom die in hospital and four days later delivered a stunning electoral upset that will see her become Alberta's first female prem...

Decision Day For Alberta Tories

UPDATE 5: Posted new story updated with Gary Mar's lead. UPDATE 4: Here's the top four with 10 polls reporting: Gary Mar 44.4%, Alison Redford 18%, Doug Horner 14.3%, Ted Morton 12.6%. UPDATE 3: Fir...