Alberta Election


NDP Wins Recount In Tie Riding

CALGARY - Make that 54 NDP ridings in Alberta.The party has added another seat to its already comfortable majority after an Elections Alberta official recount which shows the party won Calgary-Glenmor...

Prentice Resigns As Leader And MLA

Jim Prentice has resigned as leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives. He is also giving up the seat he retained in the provincial election in Calgary Foothills. He says he takes responsibility...

Recount In Southern Alberta Riding

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - Election officials will be recounting votes in a southern Alberta rural riding.Wildrose candidate Dave Schneider beat incumbent Progressive Conservative Ian Donovan by just 12 vote...

What Happened in Alberta? Look No Further Than Frustrated Citizens

Everyone has an opinion on what happened in Alberta, and, as usual, commentators delight in centering in on party politics to determine what really happened. But the real story is to be found in the collective frustrations of citizens themselves and how the once happy claimants to a prosperous province nevertheless pivoted in a fashion that still smacks of the unbelievable.
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Five Things We Can Learn From the Alberta Election

The big surprise with the NDP's breakthrough is Alberta is seen as the country's most conservative province. Home of the oil sands, Stephen Harper, and the Wildrose party, there's plenty of evidence to back this up. But, Calgary and Edmonton both have progressive mayors, Alberta is the youngest province demographically, and Albertans are feeling the economic (not to mention environmental) downside to an oil dependent economy. Rachel Notley reminded everyone that Alberta is defined by... Alberta.