Alberta Flooding 2013

Alberta Flood Unsung Heroes: Come Hell or High Water

Last month parts of Alberta were struck with a devastating flood. As we watched the horrific images of beloved Canadian cities immersed in water, Canadians felt connected like never before to its thriving midwest. I arrived in Calgary the day after the flood had devastated most of Calgary's vibrant downtown and surrounding cities.

What This Flood Official Is Sorry About

HIGH RIVER, Alta. - A man hired by the Alberta government to handle emergency operations in the flood-ravaged town of High River is apologizing for comments he made at a recent private meeting with so...

Learning From The 2005 Flood Mistakes

EDMONTON - Alberta's auditor general is looking into how the province responded to last month's record flooding and how it plans to mitigate similar disasters in the future."The best use of our resour...

Floods May Cost TD Insurance Millions

TD Bank says it expects to book as much as $125 million in losses in its insurance business related to the recent floods in Alberta and Toronto. The bank said it is going to take a pre-tax loss of $4...

Remediate <em>THIS</em>

CALGARY - Residents of one neighbourhood in High River, Alta., that was sacrificed in last month's flooding to save the rest of the town have staged a protest at the Calgary office of Premier Alison R...

Where The $52 Million Is Going

CALGARY - A multimillion-dollar tax surplus that the City of Calgary was deciding what to do with is going to be put toward flood rebuilding costs. City councillors announced in April that there would...

These Flood Victims Want Out

A group of Black Diamond residents want to abandon their flooded homes near the Sheep River and be relocated by the province to higher ground. Some 30 homeowners have signed a petition asking to have...

No Timeline For Bridge Replacement

Canadian Pacific Rail says it has no timeline for when the pathway under the buckled Bonnybrook bridge will be replaced. Crews are still dismantling the 100-year-old structure which partially collapse...

Could Calgary Experience Post-Traumatic Growth? Here's Why It's Possible

I read recently that many people experience post-traumatic growth rather than post-traumatic stress after being impacted by traumatic events. I had heard of post-traumatic stress but post-traumatic growth was a new term to me. Apparently research has shown that this growth is not a result of the traumatic event itself, but the struggle of dealing with the realities of the trauma.

Disaster-Hit Towns Back Nenshi's Plan

After Slave Lake settled nearly all its post-wildfire accounts with the Alberta government, everything major was covered except for one expense that could force the town to drain its reserves. Medicin...

Edmonton's Expensive Flooding Upgrades

EDMONTON - Kathy Brower knew they were in for it when the manhole cover blew. It had been pouring rain for several hours. The cover shot off sideways and water gushed like a fountain several feet in t...