'I Just Really Want To Get Back Home'

SIKSIKA, Alta. - Scotty Owl Child just wants to be back home.His was one of about 170 houses hit by devastating floods last June on the Siksika reserve, about an hour's drive east of Calgary.Owl Child...

It's Going To Get Worse: Experts

Southern Alberta's June floods and those in Toronto this week may be freak occurrences that were caused by unusually severe storms. But they have highlighted a desperate need for upgraded urban...

LOOK: The One Bright Light In Canadian Politics

The sun came through the clouds in the city of Calgary. Like the citizens of "WHOVILLE" in the movie "The GRINCH," Calgarians dusted themselves off, stood shoulder to shoulder and reclaimed the pride and dignity of their spectacular city. Leading the charge, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Rarely have I seen flood reports on the news accompanied by reports that the local Mayor hasn't slept in 43 hours.

Mounties Return Seized Guns

HIGH RIVER, Alta. - Mounties in Alberta announced Sunday that they'll begin returning some of the guns they seized during searches of evacuated homes in this flood ravaged town.An RCMP news release sa...

5,000 To Return To High River

HIGH RIVER, Alta. - Some evacuees forced out by flooding in the hardest-hit southern Alberta town will be walking through their doors Saturday for the first time in more than a week, but others could...

Our Flood, Our Story

The Alberta floods have washed away homes, lives, hopes and dreams. They came quickly and did away with places we loved, mementos and our sense of safety. But just as quickly, neighbours came to the rescue and strangers became life savers.