Richard Feehan's Vision for Edmonton and Ward 10: Planning Decades Into the Future

During my lifetime, Edmonton has grown from a small prairie city into one of Canada's largest metropolitan areas. We have always celebrated the neighbourliness of the community and the incredible opportunities for individual success while at the same time creating a vibrant social life. We are a great city, but we are also on the brink of becoming an exceptional city. The potential to become a model city of the future is in our hands.

Ray Bessel for Edmonton Ward 10

While my front line political experience is not vast; my observation, acquired knowledge, business and life experience is enormous. I have varied and extensive experience on boards, executives and councils; which I find exhilarating! I can clearly articulate opinions, create valuable discussion, and through positive democratic procedures, work to achieve well informed decisions.

Bob Bowles, Calgary Ward 6: Why you Should Vote for me

Ward 6 has a unique list of Candidates. We have not one but two incumbents running for Council. The current one is Mr. Pootmans. His voting record and recent public statements make him an out and out Social Engineer who wants to bulldoze our city and have everyone walk everywhere. He will have better luck getting Americans to give up their guns. He is also advocating for $10.2 Billion in debt to finance his vision of a Social Utopia.

Carter Thomson for Mayor of Calgary

My name is Carter Thomson, and I have lived, worked and been a business owner in Calgary for over 30 years. Like you, I want to play an active role in building my community. I want a better place for my family and be able to operate a proper business.

Larry Heather For Mayor of Calgary

I am your option for Free Enterprise with car mobility, Social Conservatism, and a Christian Choice on the Ballot. See a fuller discussion of my policies at the website. I am a radio show host and producer, and audio editor in Calgary area and I attend a Baptist Church.
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He's Leading

EDMONTON - Edmonton could see a generational change at the top next week after a Journal poll indicated more than half of the decided voters support Don Iveson for mayor. The poll, done by Leger, foun...
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Naheed Nenshi heads into the final days of the mayoral campaign with a massive lead in public support, according to a new poll which also shows the incumbent has strong support for his call to approve...

Sandra Hunter for Mayor of Calgary

I am Sandra Hunter and I am campaigning to be the next mayor of Calgary. I have not been to any forums, nor will you have seen me planting signs on lawns or knocking on doors. I believe that those days have come, and gone. I believe that the way, today, to connect with potential voters, is through NEW media.

Dexx Williams For Edmonton Ward 6

Hi, my name is Dexx, Dexx Williams, and before I talk about why I'm running to improve the City, allow me to share a bit of my background with you... As you may know, I'm currently a police officer here in Central Edmonton, and have been for the past six years, but that experience is only part of what I bring to the table at City Hall.

Derrick Forsythe: Experience - the Right Mix for Edmonton's Diverse Ward 6

The easiest job in the world is to sit back and chuck bricks... It's a line - albeit a saltier version - that I first heard as a teenager back in New Brunswick. It was at a golf course. My friend's dad was the Club President and was talking with a friend of his at the end of a meeting in which the membership was attempting to keep the course afloat. The meeting has been a little raucous and he was discussing some peoples' dissenting comments with a close friend of his.

Hafis Devji, Ward 10 Edmonton: Edmonton's Future Depends on a Solid Foundation

Edmonton has been Hafis Devji's home for his entire life. He has lived here for over 40 years, since his parents emigrated from East Africa, when their political leader, Idi Amin, forced out Devji's family along with 80,000 other Ugandan residents. Since his family has been in Edmonton, the Devjis have played an active role in the local business scene and within social organizations around the community.

Scott Sorokoski for Calgary Ward 13

Change. Such a simple word but it means so much. In starting my career I had a boss that said "you are the new eyes of the company. You see the cracks in the foundation that all of us who have been here a while have lived with and ignored." This is where I have vowed to make an impact in every role I take on.

Judi Vandenbrink for Calgary Ward 1

A great voice for the community is someone who listens to the concerns of all stakeholders, researches solutions and strives to achieve enduring, balanced results. From my observations, an effective Councillor must have a variety of life skills, a history living in the ward, formal education, critical research skills, team building skills, an ability to set priorities and the strength to make hard choices. I have proven that I have these skills.