Heading Back To Canada?

A Canadian man jailed in Mauritania for his alleged terror links has left the country. Aaron Yoon is believed to be on his way back to Canada, but his destination isn't immediately clear. Yoon...

How Publicly-Funded Religious Schools Could Stop Terrorism

Western radicalism appears to be triggered by an individual's feelings of alienation and a need for identity and purpose. Perhaps if Aaron Yoon, Ali Medlej and Xristos Katrisoubas had been able to attend schools where they felt welcomed and part of a larger community, they would be alive and well today.

Is He Telling The Truth?

Doubt is being cast on a young Canadian man's claim that the federal government is not helping him try to get out of jail in the West African nation of Mauritania. Sources familiar with the file tell...

Angry And Alienated At Home

Two years before the deadly al-Qaeda linked attack on an Algerian refinery, one of the two Canadian militants who participated in the assault made a farewell tour of London, Ont., and said goodbye to...