'Very Optimistic' About Keystone XL

Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she is “very optimistic” that U.S President Barack Obama will ultimately approve the Keystone XL pipeline, and is headed to Washington next week to continue efforts...

Alberta Premier Likes Slick Talk By U.S.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford called the findings from a U.S. government study on the Keystone XL pipeline "a step in the right direction." The U.S. State Department’s Supplementary Environmental Im...

Keystone Is Responsible Oil Sands Development

On behalf of my province -- a close friend, ally and northern neighbor to the American people -- I can say confidently that Alberta and the United States share one of the most trusted and important relationships in the world. The United States is already Alberta's biggest customer for our oil. The Keystone XL pipeline will further cement the strong bond between Alberta and the U.S. and is important in developing a safe, secure North American energy partnership.