Alison Redford


'Sky Palace' Paper Trail Missing: NDP

EDMONTON - Alberta's NDP is asking the privacy commissioner to investigate why there is no paper trail for the cancellation of a penthouse suite that had been ordered by former premier Alison Redford....

Smith Urges RCMP To Probe Redford

Opposition Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith has asked the RCMP to investigate former premier Alison Redford’s use of government resources for a long weekend last year at the luxury Jasper Park Lodge. S...

More Questionable Spending

EDMONTON - Alberta Premier Dave Hancock says he won't scrap the government's fleet of airplanes despite new revelations of questionable use by his predecessor, Alison Redford.The four turboprop planes...

Where In The World Is Alison Redford?

EDMONTON - Alison Redford resurfaced in Alberta politics Thursday, but only on Twitter.Redford has been silent since she resigned as premier three weeks ago, and has not been in the legislature to rep...

Won't Run For Premier

CALGARY - There has been plenty of tire-kicking, but so far no one has officially bought into Alberta's Progressive Conservative leadership race.Party officials are expected to set the opening date of...

Cost Of Redford Flights Was Never Questioned

Frantic email exchanges between the premier’s office staff and other government officials in the chaotic days before and during Alison Redford’s trip to South Africa make no mention of any need to exp...

Redford Ordered 'Premier's Suite' Penthouse

Former Alberta premier Alison Redford personally ordered a luxury penthouse 'premier’s suite' to be built in the provincially owned Federal Building now under renovation in Edmonton. Documents obtaine...

September Will See New Leader, Premier

RED DEER, Alta. - Alberta's Progressive Conservative party will pick its new leader, and the province's next premier, in September.The party's board of directors, after a meeting Monday night, announc...

Redford Out, Hancock Sworn In

EDMONTON - It's official — Dave Hancock is now the 15th premier of Alberta.Hancock took the oath of office in front of fellow caucus members, family, and guests in a short ceremony at Government House...

Systemic Misogyny and the Downfall Of Alison Redford

While there are a myriad of reasons the Premier Redford has faced such heavy criticism, we have to recognize that systemic misogyny -- an entrenched prejudice against women and girls that is inherent in a given system, such as society -- plays at least some part in the story. It's not the only source of the premier's troubles, but it's certainly one piece in the much larger puzzle.

What Conservatives Must Learn From Alison Redford's Resignation

I would remind those people that for all the supposed "dignity" of Ms. Redford's departure, she remains a premier who her broke promises to Albertans from day one, slashed funding to social programs on which many vulnerable Albertans rely, and launched the most vicious attack on Alberta's working families in the province's history.