Alzheimers Disease


See The Person, Not The Alzheimer's

TORONTO - When Elizabeth Allen was diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer's disease, her first reaction was outrage that she had developed the progressive dementia. But it was the reaction of many of th...
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My Husband and I Now Speak in Silences

Back when I was young and saw an old couple in a restaurant, sitting throughout a meal without apparently offering a word to each other, I used to think, "How awful." Now, many of those who know about my husband's Alzheimer's (AD) will ask me, "Do you have any conversation at all with him?" Well, that depends on how you define conversation.

Alzheimer's Affects Your Past, Present and Future

Memory is not just our past -- it is also our present. Memory tells us how to send an email, how to get from here to there, to put on our underpants before our outerwear, how to use a knife and fork, even how to swallow. Memory is the ON button for every function we take for granted. That is the mystery that surrounds every Alzheimer's patient. How much are they aware of what they are losing?
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Curing Alzheimer's: A Piece of the Puzzle

Thirty years ago a scientist named Stan Prusiner coined a new word -- prion -- which turns out to be a protein molecule that's misfolded. In many neurodegenerative conditions, something triggers misfolding. If you can interrupt that, then you stop the formation of plaques. If you stop plaque formation in a human brain, you could prevent Alzheimer's, or at least delay it.