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Adopt-a-HuffPet: Lucy the Wobbly Kitty Needs Your Love

M. Michelle Nadon | Posted 01.14.2013 | Canada Impact
M. Michelle Nadon

The first thing you will notice about me when you meet me is that I wobble. I might wobble when I walk, but it doesn't hold me back! I can't wait to find a loving home and a big-hearted human who understands that my wobble is just a part of my cuteness. Could you be the one?

This Cat Needs a Warm Home in the Cold Weather

M. Michelle Nadon | Posted 01.06.2013 | Canada Impact
M. Michelle Nadon

Our humans face eviction at the end of November after 27 years in a squeaky clean apartment in Scarborough. Our clan has 32 fixed, loving kitties who all desperately need temporary shelter in the GTA, if possible in northeastern Toronto, so that our human mom can make the drive to attend to us daily.

Adoft-a-HuffPet: Father, Son And Two Brothers Seek New Families

M. Michelle Nadon | Posted 10.26.2012 | Canada Impact
M. Michelle Nadon

Here are two wonderful pairs of dogs that are in a rural Ontario shelter and as a result, they're not having much luck meeting their new families. Let's start with Mork & Teddy, who are a lovely German-Shepherd-Rottweiler father-and-son team. Then there's also Riff & Raff, a pair of nine-year-old Black-Lab-Rottweiler brothers.

Many Shelter Animals Face the Needle, But You Can Make a Difference

M. Michelle Nadon | Posted 10.14.2012 | Canada Impact
M. Michelle Nadon

I woke up to a full inbox: 66 cats to be euthanized at an Ontario pound, 70 dogs in peril in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. All scheduled for the fatal needle Tuesday morning. Canadians, please don't breed or buy while shelter pets die; please make adoption your first option; please take the time to find out how your municipality deals with pet overpopulation. I guarantee that if you knew, you would be shocked into action.

Adopt-a-HuffPet: Fall in Love With Sheena and Mitzi

M. Michelle Nadon | Posted 10.03.2012 | Canada
M. Michelle Nadon

Sheena was found wandering the streets, scared and alone. No one cared about this giant beauty. Mitzi is a sweet, cuddly senior, whose long-time caregiver recently passed away. At 14 years, she has some stiff joints (who doesn't at such an age?) and needs to be the only cat so that she can have all the love and attention she deserves!

Adopt-a-HuffPet: Julius, Maya and Livia

M. Michelle Nadon | Posted 09.19.2012 | Canada
M. Michelle Nadon

Maya is a brown-striped tabby female, who was born in the spring of 2002. That October, her owner dropped a box over a bridge with her, a rabbit and three unweaned kittens in it. All but Maya found homes. She was adopted once but returned as she cannot adapt to a new home without Livia -- a black-and-white female cat.

Why is PETA Killing Thousands of Rescue Pets?

Peter Worthington | Posted 04.24.2012 | Canada
Peter Worthington

PETA advertises itself as the largest animal rights organization in the world, with over three million members and supporters. PETA stages "rescue" operations of abused animals, and can serve a useful purpose, which it is exceedingly adept at publicizing. What PETA does not publicize, however, it euthanizes -- kills -- some 85% of the animals it rescues.