Anti-Bullying Bill


How We Can Stand Up to Bullies

No celebrity messenger can draw the same level of emotion or heartache that is inherent in the stories of the victims they represent. After all, if we really need Lady Gaga to illustrate why teen suicide is unacceptable, society has deep problems.

Bullying Knows No Race, Religion, or Sexuality

Charles McVety is concerned about how a Muslim teacher may feel enforcing the anti-bullying policies. McVety is now speaking out for Muslims? Is this the same Charles McVety who welcomed conservative Dutch politician Geert Wilders to Canada and called Islam a danger? My Islamic values teach me to embrace pluralism and that Allah loves us all -- gay or straight.

Why Is Ontario Funding Catholic Schools?

There is absolutely nothing to like about the Ontario government's funding of Catholic schools. Not one thing. It is, quite frankly, a stupid and wholly unfair policy, a relic so far out of touch with the present day the fact that it has lasted this long is preposterous.