Antioxidant Foods

These Fruits And Veggies Can Help Fight Cancer

AFP Relaxnews | Posted 03.15.2017 | Canada Living

Some foods are better than others.

This Salad Has 3 Times More Antioxidants Than Green Tea

Kathy Smart | Posted 11.24.2016 | Canada Living
Kathy Smart

Pomegranates are often overlooked because they can be intimidating, and a pain to eat. One of my favourite pomegranate recipes is below. It marries together perfectly the sweetness of pomegranate, the spice of curry and the earthiness of quinoa.

The Benefits Of Gulping Your Antioxidants | Elizabeth Brown | Posted 04.01.2013 | Canada Living

By: Elizabeth Brown, The Skiny We all know that antioxidants are critical for fending off those ubiquitous free radicals that damage skin cells an...

The Hotdog Condiment That Can Fight Cancer

Harriet Sugar-Miller | Posted 08.25.2012 | Canada Living
Harriet Sugar-Miller

Like other fermented foods, sauerkraut contains hefty amounts of beneficial bacteria -- and those bacteria ferment the fiber you eat to produce butyrate, a powerful fatty acid. That's right! The stuff that you lather on top of your hot dogs actually fights cancer, and here's how!