Cherno Jobatey

I Stood Up Against Anti-Semitism in Berlin

A large demonstration against anti-Semitism was held here in Berlin. The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, called for action, and a broad coalition from state and society responded, gathering at the Brandenburg Gate. In the days following the demonstration, I was asked the question, "Why?" Here is my answer.

Deconstructing Oxfam's Israel Hysteria

Criticism of Israel by organizations like Oxfam has reached a fevered pitch; the unparalleled hysteria is all the more apparent when cross-referenced with truly horrific and tragic world events which fail to garner similar attention. The irrational intent of this anti-Israel mania undermines humanitarian and peacemaking objectives.

Iran's "Fifth Column" Targets Canadian Schoolchildren

Recently the Toronto District School Board suspended an Islamic school's operating permit after its Iranian-sponsored textbooks were found to promote anti-semitism and jihad. The Toronto incident, however, is not an isolated one: Another program, this one offered in an Ottawa public elementary school, relied on similarly controversial materials.

Don't Newspapers Care About Facts Anymore?

On March 30, the Toronto Star published a letter replete with errors and false statements submitted by members of the fringe anti-Israel group, Independent Jewish Voices (IJV). While IJV members are entitled to their own opinions, they are not allowed to invent their own facts.

Jewish Homes Ransacked In Quebec

Vandals ransacked more than a dozen homes in a gated community in Val Morin over the weekend, marking walls with racial slurs and swastikas. Jacob Karmel's summer home was one of them. Karmel runs a...