Felipe Caparrós Cruz via Getty Images

Our Drug Policy Shouldn't Be a Criminal Justice Issue

Mandatory minimum sentences for possessing drugs for personal use do not make Canadians safer. They will not improve the health of our economy, the safety of our streets, or the well-being of communities throughout Canada. The inevitable overcrowding of Canadian prisons will not only increase tension and conflict in prisons, but also cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

Expanded In Canada, Feared In Egypt

You'll remember David Chen, the Toronto storeowner who ran after a shoplifter in 2009 and tied him up until police came. He was arrested and charged with forcible confinement, outraging many Canadians...

Why I Will Be Risking Arrest Today

Most people struggle to understand how breaking the law could possibly be a good thing. The reality is, I would prefer to avoid getting arrested and instead feel confident that my government was taking seriously one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced.

Video Released Of Alleged Ottawa Police Mistreatment

OTTAWA - A cellblock video has been released that captures the arrest of a woman who claims Ottawa police injured and strip-searched her before leaving her naked in a cell without medical attention.Roxanne Carr was arrested and charged with assaulting police, obstructing police and damaging property in 2008. Those charges were dropped in April.