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Ways To Make The Weekend Yours Again

Making time for the most important person in your life -- you -- is essential for overall health and well-being. But sometimes life gets in the way: work piles up, the kids need a drive to practice, and the household chore list gets unbelievably long. We list five effective ways to take back your life.
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The Best (And Worst) Exercises For Arthritis And Joint Pain

Activity is a natural remedy for arthritis. It helps feed the joint cartilage, keeping the joints moving freely. Activity maintains muscle strength that is important for balance and decreases the overall risk of falls. It makes everyday activities easier by decreasing stiffness and boosting energy. Staying active also opens the door to, quite literally, exercising some control over your condition.

The Secret Pain Of Caretakers

Staring up at the constellation Orion on a crisp winter's night, I wonder how much longer I can bear the pain. The pain of watching my husband cringe and suffer. While he can dull his chronic physical...
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Health Care Wait Times in Alberta Improving

Alberta is building a culture of continuous improvement in health care. This culture is founded on more and better data, innovative thinking, an extraordinary effort to share information, and unprecedented action on the front lines. Wait time reports cards need to examine performance at this level, and Canadians should have this kind of information to grade their health system.

I'm Not Letting My Juvenile Arthritis Hold Me Back

Picture a day in the life of a student: running to and from classes, walking up a few flights of stairs, carrying a backpack writing or typing notes. Now, imagine if you could no longer do any of these things effortlessly because your joints ache. Imagine if your joints were just constantly in pain and you are only 18 years old.

Junk Food Doesn't Just Go to Your Hips, it Gets into Your Bones

If you think junk food goes directly to your hips, you're right. But it gets worse. It gets into your hips, and into other bones in the body, too. Junk food, or more precisely, food that is high in fat and sugar, robs the skeleton of the building blocks it needs to grow and remain strong to ward off degenerative conditions like osteoporosis. The picture is not pretty.

I Was a Two Year Old With Arthritis

My struggle with arthritis began when I stopped walking at two years old. At that age, I should have been running around and exploring the world, so the abrupt change in my behavior was a frightening shock for my family. It wasn't until we spent a night in the emergency room that we learned what was happening -- I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Now I work to spread the message of The Arthritis Society.