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What Flight MH370 Has Done to Malaysia-China Relations

There have clearly been security lapses which need explanation -- as much to Malaysians as to anybody else. And at the outset, the crisis management could have been better coordinated. However, there is no indication there is something that could have been done to alter the realities of this tragedy. So why has Chinese diplomacy targeted the Malaysian authorities so harshly?

Is Canada's Growing Trade with this Booming Region a Good Thing?

In the 2000-2008 period, Canadian exports to ASEAN grew by 9 per cent annually, just under the average pace to emerging markets as a whole. Post-crisis, the rate of growth is exactly the same. Doubling trade in five years would require notching that pace up to 15 per cent annually -- not an unachievable target by any stretch of the imagination.

It's About Time Harper Went to Thailand

During his visit to Thailand, Harper should try to make up for lost time. Canada's relations with ASEAN have lagged behind those of other major Asia Pacific countries. For example total Canada-ASEAN trade of about $15 billion pales in comparison with the total Australia-ASEAN trade, of over $90 billion.

Baird Beijing Bound

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA - John Baird will make his first trip to China this weekend as foreign affairs minister, continuing the Conservative government's efforts to improve its sometimes awkward...