Attack Ads

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If Trudeau Doesn't Attack, He'll Lose

Trudeau needs to attack Harper's strongest point: the economy. While he has been doing that in the House of Commons, only avid politicos will be aware of it. He needs to bring those criticism on a larger scale and reach more Canadians via advertisements.

Attack Ads Damage Our Democracy

If you say "politician A is a crook" often enough, it is only a matter of time before the public comes to believe that all politicians are crooks. That is what is happening now and these are the seeds that defenders of negative advertising are sowing. Politics is not about bludgeoning your opponent until they cannot stand.

Trudeau Attack Ad: the NDP Are the Real Winners Here

Both the Conservative and Liberal parties have declared themselves victorious over the recent Trudeau attack ads but the real winners of these ads have been the NDP. These ads allow the NDP the luxury of not spending money on, or bearing the negative condemnation that comes with running attack ads. Moreover the NDP benefit from the actual attack that the Liberals and Trudeau are taking because attack ads do work.

It's Not An Attack Ad if It's True, and Other Things Partisans Say

Whether or not you view a political ad as "negative" often depends on your partisan political point of view. The NDP recently released a negative T.V. attack ad that is so blatantly negative it almost comes across as an attack ad parody. Yet when I went on Twitter and described it as such, I was immediately met with protests. How can you ban something like attack ads when political partisans don't believe they exist?