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Will Canada Become The Austria Of The 1930s?

When it comes to understanding the seemingly unprecedented Donald trump phenomenon, sometimes history provides some interesting parallels that can serve as a modern warning sign. In this case, I'm thinking of Austria in the 1930s, a nation that shared much culturally, politically and linguistically with its neighbor Germany but had only one-tenth its population. Sound familiar?
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Europeans Have The Power To Defeat CETA

I cannot help thinking that, while countries rush to sign trade deals such as CETA and the new TransPacific Partnership, they cannot seem to get a binding climate change agreement. Very little at the UN or in previous climate conferences has been binding. CETA and TPP are both major trade deals that must be fought.

How to be Classy in Vienna

My personality changed with each city I visited in Europe, just like how the people changed. I've always wondered: Is it the city that makes the people, or the people that make the city? Vienna was classy, refined. "Refined" might be an inaccurate word, belittles the qualities of Budapest and Prague. But it's the place of strudels and Mozart and the Hapsburgs.