Ayatollah Khomeini


Iran's Enduring Legacy of Violence and Denial

The political leadership must also consider the consequences of its actions in light of the fact that the cries of justice for these and other crimes will not be silenced without some form of accountability. How can the Iranian people have confidence in a government that places a symbol of injustice in charge of justice? A new generation of Iranian leaders must re-define the meaning of power. A man who beats his wife and children and then silences them when they complain is not a powerful man. He is a coward that cannot even admit his cowardice to himself. In the same manner, a leadership that imprisons, tortures, and executes its citizens, is not a powerful Government.

The Iran Tribunals: Finally Holding Death Committees to Account

A process of truth and reconciliation is underway this week in The Hague -- the Iran Tribunals. The aim of the tribunals is to bring the facts, individuals, and victims of the mass executions that marked the beginnings of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As witnesses of day one related their stories to the audience, there was a feeling of clarity. More than one tear was shed for these tragic experiences, and the lives lost.

Closure of Embassy, Return to Iranian Antiquity

For many Iranian-Canadians, the marriage between defence minister Peter MacKay and Iranian-Canadian Nazanin Afshin-Jam was meant to absolve our alienated condition as distant participants in Canada's development. For Afshin-Jam and her cohorts, the closure of the embassy represents the full blossoming of this ancient but till now unrecognized unity. Is this unity actually real?

Iran's "Fifth Column" Targets Canadian Schoolchildren

Recently the Toronto District School Board suspended an Islamic school's operating permit after its Iranian-sponsored textbooks were found to promote anti-semitism and jihad. The Toronto incident, however, is not an isolated one: Another program, this one offered in an Ottawa public elementary school, relied on similarly controversial materials.