Back Exercises

10 Ways To Get Fit At Home -- Without Equipment

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Yes, getting to the gym can be a hassle, but we're going to let you in on a secret: you can do it all at home.

15 Exercises For Back Pain

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Any type of injury or lower back pain may discourage you to hit the gym, but fitting in a few moves (even at home), will help you stretch your back an...

Every Stretching Exercise You'll Ever Need

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We all know the feeling of staying hunched over for hours on end, as though our muscles will never unfurl and lengthen. But according to health expert...

6 Back Exercises To Get You Lean And Strong For Summer

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Even when you're not paying attention to it, your back is working for you — which is why you need to make sure you strengthen it as much as you do o...

Fine Tuning: A Workout To Make You Taller

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THE GOAL: Improving your posture and getting "taller" THE EXPERT: Brent Bishop, celebrity trainer, on-air fitness expert, author and owner of Think...

10 Best Exercises For Your Back

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It's the forgotten body part that needs the most attention. Your back muscles are essential for almost everything you do and neglecting them can lead ...

10 Exercises To Prevent Your Desk Job From Killing You

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Hey you, stop slouching. We all know that good posture is important — our parents and teachers have been drilling this idea in our heads since we...