Back To Work Legislation


CP Rail Strike Is OVER

In a sudden, surprise news conference, the federal labour minister welcomed the sudden willingness by both sides to resume talks.

Will They Ignore Back-To-Work Order?

VICTORIA - Unionized truckers on strike at Vancouver's normally busy shipping container terminals could face fines of up to $400 a day if they don't return to their jobs once back-to-work legislation...


QUEBEC - Quebec Premier Pauline Marois says she's "very disappointed" to introduce a law that will force the province's striking construction workers back to their jobs.Marois says she spoke with repr...

Tories Poised To End CP Strike

OTTAWA - The Conservative government introduced back-to-work legislation for 4,800 striking Canadian Pacific Railway workers Monday, saying Canada's entire economy was at risk along with the country's...

Canada Post Talks Head Into Overtime

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA - Bad weather never keeps a postal worker from his appointed rounds, and the chance to go home and enjoy some summer weather isn't keeping MPs from their official tasks ei...

No More Talks

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA -- The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says it is doubtful negotiations will resume in the face of the Harper government's determination to impose a settlement in the thr...