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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Everything Balinese

No destination seems more appropriate to while the days away than Bali; the Indonesian gem of an island can certainly be defined as paradise, regardless of your inclination while on vacation. The wonderfully diverse destination is, yes, undeniably beautiful, but is also the perfect place to spend Christmas break, surrounded by family and friends, as there truly is something for everyone. Below, your guide to the best of Bali.
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Welcome To The Island Of Beautiful People

Canggu is a visually stunning paradise where rice paddies meet ocean. Like most of Bali, it is full of kindness, and very relaxed. Out on the roads, cars, trucks, buses and scooters press up against each other, snaking through black exhaust in an unhurried manner, everyone just emanating this "we'll get there eventually" vibe.
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10 Reasons To Escape To Bali Right Now

As temperatures start to drop and snow falls, it's easy to find reasons to hop aboard a plane and head to the "Island of the Gods," also known as Bali. Bali's rich culture, show-stopping beauty, friendly locals, and dirt cheap prices (once you arrive) are reasons visitors head back to the island paradise year after year.