We Need More Teens in Sports, Not Prison

As the "tough on crime" Administration continues attacks on criminals -- both real and imagined -- it behooves a responsible government to include crime prevention in the equation even as Harper expands Canadian prisons. Sports build the lifelong skills that Canadians of all origins value: character, teamwork, discipline, perseverance.

The Soccer Team Whose Fans Call the Shots

I think the Seattle Sounders -- the super successful soccer club -- is on to something. The Sounders have decided to not only listen to their fans, but to take it one step farther and allow their faithful flock to decide the fate of the club's General Manager, Adrian Hanauer, via a vote. I know what you're thinking: how on Earth did they conjure up this cockamamie scheme?

A NBA team for Vancouver?

A leading economic think tank says Vancouver could get another professional basketball franchise — but some in the professional sports world say they have their doubts. The Vancouver Grizzlies lasted...

What Basketball Can Teach Us About Obamacare

Woody Allen once said that basketball transports us to a primitive place for higher learning. The loose arrangement of strangers balling on public pavement illustrates many of the ivory tower's arguments surrounding health insurance. We can try breaking it down like this...

Canadian Olympic Hoops Team London-Bound

ANKARA, Turkey - Courtnay Pilypaitis and Canada's women's basketball team punched their tickets to the London Olympics on Sunday.Pilypaitis had 21 points and six assists as Canada secured a berth to t...

Dispatches From Down East: Outliers in the Classroom

I must write about this: A friend and I had a conversation this evening about a high school student with a noteworthy caliber of dedication to his passion in life: sports. The student spends three hours per day shooting hoops and running drills, as well as sprinting laps around his house. He wants to play in the NBA. Impressive.