Rabies Found In Vancouver Bat

Health officials in Vancouver are warning people to avoid touching or picking up bats they might find, because of the risk of catching rabies, after one tested positive for the rare disease in Kitsila...

What's Killing Quebec's Bats?

A new fungal infection is killing Quebec’s bats at a fearsome rate and could lead to the disappearance of entire colonies and species in the province if its spread is not checked. White-nose syndrome...

Going to Bat for Our Flying Furry Friends

Many of the 1,200 known species of bats are in trouble. And we humans deserve much of the blame. A bat can eat more than 1,000 insects in an hour, and without the services of bats, the agave plant, from which we get tequila, might not survive. So, if you like tequila but not mosquito bites, you should view bats as your friends.