BlackBerry shares stumbled Friday as news broke U.S. retailers have started offering deep discounts on the recently-launched BlackBerry Z10 line of phones. Shares were down one per cent Friday afterno...
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Is "Made in Canada" Enough to Sell BlackBerry 10?

All eyes are on Toronto today for Research In Motion's (now BlackBerry's) big reveal of the long-awaited, oft-delayed BlackBerry 10. Canadians are forced to put patriotism before their pocketbooks when considering the replacement of their current BlackBerry with the new one. The biggest barrier could be the staggering cost of breaking an existing cell-phone contract. So while many Canadians are rooting for BlackBerry, it will be no surprise to see them rooting from the sidelines.

RIM Renames Itself BlackBerry

Research In Motion is now BlackBerry. The tech company behind the BlackBerry smartphone brand announced it would rename itself after its flagship product at the launch of its new BlackBerry 10 platfor...

The Big Day Is Here

After years of frustrating delays, scary earnings reports and multiple rounds of layoffs, Research In Motion's shot at redemption has arrived. Except it's not Research In Motion anymore — the company...