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Basi, Virk Bills Legal: Auditor General

VICTORIA - British Columbia's auditor general says the Liberal government's system of paying the legal bills of government officials and employees facing criminal or civil matters isn't perfect, but i...
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B.C. Town To Be Audited

B.C.'s newly created Office of the Auditor General for Local Government will examine Rossland's procurement and asset management systems, following a controversy involving a city building inspector wh...
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Auditor General Faces Backlash

VICTORIA - A possible breach of Parliament prompted the Speaker of the British Columbia legislature to put a highly-anticipated report from the auditor general on hold.On Tuesday, a statement from the...

$324-Million Contract Not Working: A-G

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government's decision to outsource administration of the Medical Services Plan and PharmaCare to a U.S.-based company has failed to bring the expected benefits, the auditor genera...

B.C. Clerk Slams Auditor General

VICTORIA - The growing tensions between British Columbia's take-no-prisoners Auditor General John Doyle and members of the Liberal government and officials at the legislature spilled out inadvertently...

Mortgaging B.C. One Deal At A Time

Legislative oversight is fundamental to good government. And with less and less of it, the government does more and more by decree. B.C. isn't well-served by that. In 2012, the B.C. legislature sat for 47 days. Among its numerous legislative duties: to debate and approve a $44-billion budget. Forty-seven days is simply insufficient to do that and everything else well.

B.C. Criminal Database Not Safe: A-G

VICTORIA - More than one million police files that include deeply personal witness statements and some of British Columbia's most sensitive government information are stored in a shockingly accessible...

2 More Years For Auditor General?

VICTORIA - A B.C. legislative committee has voted to offer John Doyle a two-year extension as auditor general.The move is a reversal of an earlier decision by the Liberal-dominated committee not to ex...

B.C. Health Spending Slammed

VICTORIA - British Columbia politicians have long touted their plans to make the province a model for healthy living and disease prevention, but a new report says the government isn't supporting that...

B.C. Independent Officers Should Never Be Re-Appointed

B.C. taxpayers should be grateful to John Doyle for his persistent, hard-nosed work over the past six years. And perhaps six years is too short of a term, but renewal should not be an option. Now it's time for another watchdog to come in and give issues fresh eyes and a fresh voice, just as Doyle built on the work of previous auditors general.

Christy Clark Stands By Decision

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark is backing a government committee's decision not to renew the six-year contract of Auditor General John Doyle.Clark's communications director Ben Chin says the premier...

B.C. Auditor General Ousted: NDP

VANCOUVER - British Columbia auditor general John Doyle — whose investigations into payments related to the BC Rail corruption trial and other allegations of financial mismanagement have routinely emb...