Clark's B.C. Budget Claims Fact-Checked

B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark repeated claims today that international bond rating agencies verified her last budget as balanced and are concerned about an NDP government. "Go ask Moody's," Clark...

Clark Defends Debt-Free B.C. Claim

VANCOUVER - B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark is defending her government's election assertion of a balanced budget and with a debt-free B.C on the horizon.On Vancouver radio today, Clark agreed that...

B.C. Minister's Warning About NDP Win

VICTORIA - The country's largest credit agency has confirmed British Columbia's credit rating at AA high, but the bond rating agency cautions the upcoming provincial election could mean a change in fi...

Clark's Leadership Test

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark's government survived a key budget vote Tuesday prompting the premier to declare her Liberals strong and united after enduring a stormy period over a leaked ethnic vot...

B.C. Tories Promise Modest Surpluses

VANCOUVER - B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins appeared to launch his unofficial election campaign on Tuesday with the release of a five-year fiscal plan promising modest surpluses through smarter...

Balanced Budget? We Don't Buy It

Most British Columbians don’t believe the provincial government’s claim that the budget will be balanced in 2013, according to an Ipsos Reid poll. Twelve per cent of those polled said they believed t...

B.C. Prosperity Fund Good Idea If Properly Designed

B.C.'s proposed Prosperity Fund is meant to capitalize on the future opportunities from natural gas development. If done correctly, the fund could be a huge benefit to both current and future British Columbians. As with many things though, the devil is in the details. Thankfully there are lessons to be learned, and avoided, from our neighbours, Alberta and Alaska.

Christy Clark's Hard Election Sell

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's premier insists voters don't want their politicians to make expensive promises during the election campaign this spring.If she's right, it will be a happy coincidence fo...

B.C. Budget Has Bad News For Doctors

VICTORIA - The British Columbia government is girded for tough negotiations with its doctors, telling physicians it's time for them to do their part after other public servants suffered through wage f...

What's In B.C.'s New Budget?

VICTORIA - Deficit and Surplus:— The government predicts budget surpluses of $197 million for 2013-2014, $211 million for 2014-1015 and $460 million for 2015-2016.— The deficit for 2012-2013 is now ex...