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It's Time To Take Real Action Towards Senior Care

The story of Anita and Wolfram Gottschalk being separated after 62 years of marriage has triggered a public response that few could have imagined just days ago. Predictably, other stories are coming out in follow up media reports. It seems everyone has some experience to share with finding care for elderly couples -- often with varying needs. At BC Care Providers Association, we might have predicted that a story like this would eventually catch the public's attention. For the past 2 years we have been engaging with government, our health authorities, medical professionals, and member stakeholders on developing creative solutions to meet the growing need.

Balancing The B.C. Budget

Petty. One word that springs to mind after last week's B.C. budget. At best, it's a lip service budget. Tweak here, tweak there, but devoid of any real purpose. To be sure, some were tossed a chi...

On B.C. MLAs And Taxes

Finance Minister Michael de Jong pulled out some bright red lipstick and smeared it all over the Medical Services Premium (MSP) tax pig in the 2016-17 B.C. Budget this week. This was a marketing gimmi...

B.C. LNG Tax Too High: Companies

VICTORIA - One of the first questions British Columbia's Finance Minister Mike de Jong was asked when he introduced the Liberal government's proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Income Tax as part of last w...

B.C. Budget Quotes

VICTORIA - Quotes on the B.C. budget:———"The budget in one or two words? I came up with three — a triple-b budget — boring, balanced budget. But we're one of only two provinces in Canada that can boas...

B.C. Budget By The Numbers

VICTORIA - Some highlights from B.C.'s 2014-2015 budget:— The budget projects surpluses of $184 million for 2014-15, $206 million for 2015-16, and $451 million for 2016-17.— The total provincial debt...