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Campaign Called A 'Disaster'

VANCOUVER - Once believed to be a contender to displace the B.C. Liberal Party against the front-running New Democrats in next week's provincial election, the BC Conservatives now face grim returns at...

B.C. Election 2013: What The Parties Plan To Tell You

The B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, sent all four parties a questionnaire pushing them for clear positions on how they would stop the erosion of our privacy rights and defend our access to government records through Freedom of Information. On April 30th, we received responses from the NDP, the Liberals, and the Greens (we've yet to hear back from the Conservatives). They all had interesting, if decidedly different things to say.

Cummins Has Carbon Trust Issues

VANCOUVER - The BC Conservative Party says it is committed to shutting down the Pacific Carbon Trust, saying it wastes nearly $20 million in taxpayers' dollars every year.Leader John Cummins calls the...

B.C. Tories Promise Modest Surpluses

VANCOUVER - B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins appeared to launch his unofficial election campaign on Tuesday with the release of a five-year fiscal plan promising modest surpluses through smarter...
BC Conservatives

Put A Lid On It

VICTORIA - British Columbia's feuding Conservative Party members appear to have silenced their attacks on each other temporarily after weeks of public ultimatums over leader John Cummins.Party officia...

We Were Hoodwinked: Dissidents

VICTORIA - The civil war inside British Columbia's Conservative party has escalated to the point where the party's rulers are preparing to issue a take-no-prisoners decree to wipe out a group of deter...

B.C. Conservative Backlash

The power struggle inside the B.C. Conservative Party appears to be heating up, after leader John Cummins issued an ultimatum to dissidents over the weekend. On Sunday, Cummins issued a public statem...

Why The B.C. Liberals Will Win The Next Election

You don't hear this stated much these days: The B.C. Liberals will win in 2013. You heard it here first. In one of the great resurrections in B.C. political history, on the evening of May 14, 2013 premier-elect Christy Clark will be grinning from ear to ear in front of a packed room of supporters in downtown Vancouver. She will thank her NDP opponent for running a spirited campaign, and graciously thank the voters of British Columbia for giving her a new four-year mandate.