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Moody's Gives B.C. AAA

VICTORIA - British Columbia's finance minister is trumpeting the province's AAA credit rating by Moody's investors.Mike de Jong says it's a sign of the government's reputation for prudent fiscal manag...
Jane Sterk/Flickr/B.C. Conservatives

Media Bites: The Sad State of B.C. Politics

The 40th British Columbia General Election is a dreary race between dreadful choices. That's an easy thing to say about any election, granted, but the sad state of B.C. politics is truly the stuff apathy was designed for. The final droplets of ideology, vision, principle, passion, and leadership having long since drained from this province's governing class, there's now nothing left but empty partisan squabbling.

Clark Defends Debt-Free B.C. Claim

VANCOUVER - B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark is defending her government's election assertion of a balanced budget and with a debt-free B.C on the horizon.On Vancouver radio today, Clark agreed that...

Mortgage Free? In Your Dreams.

The average age at which Canadian homeowners with a mortgage believe they will be mortgage free is 57, compared to age 55 in a similar CIBC poll one year ago. And, surprise: residents of B.C. had among the longest repayment expectations in Canada at age 59


VICTORIA - The credit rating on B.C.'s debt has been downgraded to AAA-negative from AAA-stable by Moody's Investors Service because of a softening economy and weaker commodity prices.The change follo...

How To Avoid Student Debt

Financial advisors are warning British Columbia's students moving out on their own for the first time to stick to a budget, as figures reveal B.C. leads the country in consumer debt levels. While the...