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Moody's Gives B.C. AAA

VICTORIA - British Columbia's finance minister is trumpeting the province's AAA credit rating by Moody's investors.Mike de Jong says it's a sign of the government's reputation for prudent fiscal manag...
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VANCOUVER - Recently updated financial reporting rules have failed to convince the British Columbia government to bring its practices in line with standard accounting principles, despite the auditor g...

Where Dix's Deficit Math Comes From

VANCOUVER - New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix has repeatedly said the Liberal party's deficit numbers are askew.The latest criticism came during a televised leaders' debate when Dix claimed the Dominion...

B.C. Government Fast Losing Trust Of Taxpayers

Trust must be the cornerstone of the relationship between a government and its taxpayers. Every year, we hand over our hard-earned money — a bank account worth $42 billion — to our politicians. We expect them to run our affairs professionally and efficiently and to keep us well-informed on their plans. When that trust erodes, it's very difficult for government to earn it back. But it can be done, if Clark and de Jong are willing to change their behaviour.

B.C. Deficit Soars Beyond Expectations

VICTORIA - British Columbia's deficit continues to rise while the government's revenues drop, but Finance Minister Mike de Jong said Wednesday he's more confident halfway through the fiscal year about...

Brace For Government Cuts, B.C.

VICTORIA - Low natural gas prices have blown a big hole in the British Columbia government's plans to balance its budget three months before the start of next spring's election campaign.Finance Minist...