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B.C. Needs To Turn Jobs Blueprint Green

The B.C. Jobs Blueprint has a few worthy goals that, if achieved, will go a long way toward addressing both societal injustices and economic needs: a dramatic increase in young people entering the trades, training opportunities for aboriginal students, and support for education and training for people with disabilities. But where the plan falls apart is that it focuses on an industry that not only spews vast amounts of chemicals into our waterways but also speeds up global warming, the driver of climate change.

B.C.'s Business Tax Regime Needs Competitive Jumpstart

One item sorely missing from the B.C. finance minister's recent budget was a plan to make the province's business taxes more competitive and attractive for investment. When the province shifted back to the PST last year, the cost of doing business and investing increased dramatically. Disappointingly, de Jong's budget did nothing to address this shackle around BC's economy. Tax reform, however, might be the light at the end of tunnel.

B.C. Economy To BOOM

VANCOUVER - The Business Council of British Columbia predicts above average economic performance in the province over the next two years.In its newly released 2014 review and outlook, the council esti...

Who REALLY Drives B.C.'s Economy?

Every political party wants you to believe they are the best suited to run B.C.'s economy. But how much influence can a provincial government have? CBC’s Reality Check team reached back in time to fin...

B.C. Budget 2013: How To Tame The Deficit?

Tuesday's provincial budget is supposed to present a plan to finally balance the books. But after four consecutive years in the red, British Columbians can't yet breathe a collective sigh of relief. Critically important is how Finance Minister Mike de Jong plans to eliminate the deficit. Will he take the path of tax increases or spending reductions? He would be wise to go with the latter. And this is why...

MAJOR B.C. Skills Shortage Looms

VANCOUVER - Six universities across British Columbia warn that the province is facing a severe shortage of skilled workers -- and there's barely 36 months to resolve the problem.According to the Resea...

B.C. Budget Gets Outside Help

VICTORIA - The B.C. government has hired an economist to look over its pre-election budget, giving what the finance minister says is added assurance to its economic forecasts.Former Bank of Montreal c...

B.C. Lowers Economic Expectations

VANCOUVER - Economists are revising growth projections for B.C.'s economy this year and next.The B.C. Economic Forecast Council, which advises the provincial government, says it expects the economy to...

B.C. Jobless Rate Climbs

VICTORIA - The B.C. government is trying to put the best possible spin on the latest figures showing an increase in the province's jobless rate, saying despite losses in some areas, there were gains i...

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Oil

NANAIMO, B.C. - British Columbia Premier Christy Clark took aim at Alberta Tuesday in an election-style speech where she boasted her province doesn't need oil to be the country's top economic generato...

B.C.'s Job Creation Boast

VICTORIA - B.C. Jobs Minister Pat Bell says the province is leading Canada in job creation.He says B.C. generated almost 15,000 new jobs in August, just under half the 34,000 positions created in all...