Bc Election 2013


Polls Don't Settle NDP Jitters

If the polls are right, the NDP is headed for a comfortable victory Tuesday. Of course, that's what they said in Alberta last year about the Wildrose party. The last polls in Alberta put Wildrose ahea...

Green Candidate Makes Surprise Splash

The B.C. riding of Oak Bay-Gordon Head is old, rich and its well-groomed, winding streets are no stranger to lines of gas-guzzling trucks, SUVs and luxury cars. "This would be a very conservative ridi...

Dix's Blitz

The leaders of British Columbia's two main political parties sprinted to get their message out Monday, one day before the finish line would deliver one of them an election victory.New Democrat Leader...
Jane Sterk

How The Parties Stack Up: Democracy Watch Report Card

The Green Party receives a C-, the best grade of bad overall grades in Report Card on British Columbia Parties' Democratic Good Government Platforms -- Conservatives receive a D-, NDP a D-, and Liberals an F. A Dishonesty Downgrade of one full grade is also shown in the Report Card results -- usually only half of all promises are kept because of the lack of an honesty-in-politics law which is needed to effectively penalize promise-breakers and those who deliberately mislead.

'I Am Confident That We Can Win'

VANCOUVER - The leaders of British Columbia's two main political parties both projected confidence Sunday, and predicted victory when provincial voters go to the polls on Tuesday.New Democrat Leader A...

Rise And Fall Of Cummins' B.C. Tories

B.C. Conservative Party leader John Cummins joined the 51st annual Langley Walk last Sunday, starting the mass event dead last, holding his one-year-old granddaughter Marley in his arm

Who B.C. Kids Would Elect

VANCOUVER - If school children could vote, the New Democrats would have swept into power long ago in British Columbia, where students buck the national trend in mock elections.While actual voters elec...


VANCOUVER - Green Leader Jane Sterk has a penchant for purple — in a spiritual kind of way that guides her belief that her party will make history by winning a seat in the British Columbia legislature...
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A Tale Of Two Provinces

Since 1986, B.C.'s top political office has been held by leaders based in urban British Columbia. But victory does not come without motivating rural voters, who often view politics through a different...

Full Steam Ahead

CAMPBELL RIVER, - With just three days of campaigning left, B.C. Premier Christy Clark says her Liberals are gaining momentum.Clearly buoyed by some polls that show her closing what was deemed by some...
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B.C. Needs Leadership And Vision To Keep It Beautiful

If we connect the dots between all the natural gas, coal and tar sands proposals in B.C., a big picture emerges and the choice we face becomes both stark and clear: B.C. needs a government with leadership and vision to make the hard decisions. The province needs courage to stop building pipelines that would put at risk thousands of jobs and lock us into global warming. We need stewards to protect our collective future wisely, by investing in green jobs and saying yes to a clean energy future.

Who Do You Trust On Job Numbers?

VANCOUVER - The B.C. Liberals have been banking on a jobs and economic growth platform to lead them to victory, but with four days left until voting day, the latest jobs statistics appear to fuel the...

Elections BC Should Keep Their Nose Out Of Politics

While the effect of Election BC's ad on next week's election remains debatable, one thing's clear. Its message echoes NDP and/or Green Party rhetoric, and therefore, counters the candidacy of many BC Liberal and/or Conservative candidates, particularly in ridings outside Vancouver. Anyone interested in democracy should be concerned about that.

Legalizing Weed In B.C.

April 20, 2013. The air around the Vancouver Art Gallery is thick with pot smoke. It's the annual 4/20 rally, once a fringe event whose attendance has grown 1,000-fold since its inception. On the gall...
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A Voter's Guide To Legalizing Pot

Marijuana has become an important issue in this provincial election. Questions about marijuana policy have been raised by the public over and over again, at all-candidates meetings across the province, and even during the televised debate.Together with the replies we received from candidates, and other comments about marijuana made in the media, we have compiled this Sensible BC Voters Guide, to help you better understand where B.C. parties and candidates stand on the question of marijuana policy and decriminalization in our province.

Prepare For Fortress B.C.

Most of the past dozen or so years can be seen as the golden era in B.C.'s relationship with the rest of the federation. Former premier Gordon Campbell went to exhaustive lengths to maintain good rela...


If BC NDP leader Adrian Dix is elected as the next premier of the province, he's vowing to leave the PST alone. Speaking on News1130 prior to a live Twitter Q&A, he was asked flat out if he would prom...

Campaign Called A 'Disaster'

VANCOUVER - Once believed to be a contender to displace the B.C. Liberal Party against the front-running New Democrats in next week's provincial election, the BC Conservatives now face grim returns at...

Liberals Closing In On NDP: Poll

The B.C. Liberals have further narrowed the gap and now trail the NDP by six points, according to an Ipsos Reid poll. The poll of 800 adult British Columbians, taken Wednesday and Thursday, indicates...

Liberal Ad Goes After Jane Sterk

The B.C. Liberal Party is employing an unusual tactic, apparently in the hopes of splitting the green vote on Vancouver Island. The party took out a full-page ad in the Friday edition of a local news...

'Every Canadian Is Depending On Us'

VANCOUVER - With just days left to convince British Columbia voters of their political prowess, party leaders tried to bring their campaign messages home on Friday.New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix was o...

NDP Lead Shrinks Again

The B.C. election has tightened to a four-point race between the NDP and Liberals, according to a new poll commissioned by the Times Colonist. About 41 per cent of decided voters would back the B.C. N...

Won't Be Easy To Kick Oust

When Liberals who oppose Christy Clark's leadership first dreamt of the day she would be gone, they imagined the push to replace her would begin one minute after the polls clo

Clark Talks Forestry

BURNS LAKE, B.C. - The steel trusses of a new multimillion-dollar sawmill formed the backdrop for Liberal Leader Christy Clark as she touted her government's forests strategy during a campaign whistle...

Are Young B.C. Voters Screwed?

The needs of young, urban British Columbians are being left behind this election and poor voter turnout from the last is partly to blame, according to one University of British Columbia professor. In...